Purchasing Process Question about Grading and Appraisal (Toronto)

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Nov 29, 2006
Hey All,

First off, big thanks to all the great members and posts on this forum. I''ve been shopping around for about a month now and have pulled so much information from PriceScope that I now feel "hyper-educated" enough to make a great purchase! The pinnacle is when I got an applaude for all the great questions I asked!

So, For the last month or so, I''ve been looking to make the following purchase (in Toronto):

Round, Ideal, 1.0+ carat, F, VS1

From all my shopping around, I''ve found a reputatable dealer who I feel confident in buying from (for me, this is more important than finding somewhere where they can beat the price by $100 - $200 dollars). I''ve currently have narrowed down my purchase scope to two rocks

Ideal, 1.02, E, VS1, GemScan (pre-cert) - $8700.00 CDN
Ideal, 1.04, F, VS2, Gemscan (pre-cert) - $7600.00 CDN

Dilema 1: I''ve examined both stones using a loupe and the inclusions in both are so minute that there isn''t a noticeable difference in their clarity - hence I''m considering the VS2. As for the color, I was planning on sticking to ''F'' as no regular person will be able to tell the difference. Pay the extra difference for 1 ''want'' (VS1) and 1 ''bonus'' (E)?

As I wandered away from my initial want of AGS, I''d like to get an HCA reading before I purchase. However, the GemScan pre-cert these rocks comes with cover only the 4Cs and are otherwise pretty useless. I''d like to send one rock (dilema 1) for full grading [Harold Weinstein] and inclusion plotting and I guess subsequent appraisal but am a little confused as to the steps.

So, my questions:
(1) Does the jeweller send the loose stone off for grading himself? Or do you typical have to purchase first, then have it sent off?
(2) Assuming the grading comes back with no huge descripanies, does the stone need to go out for a subsequent (loose) appraisal? Is there duplicate work there? Or is the grading and appraisal the same thing?

Any other input is greatly appreciated,


Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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