PSer please Help! Need your opinions on cut / proportion!!


Aug 13, 2011
Pulling my hair out trying to decide between these four diamonds (same color D/clarity VS1/AGS0 cut/ T-M Girdle, and similar price/ct). Although all of them are top diamonds but there is still some data difference and I can only afford ONE of them. For me the price doesn’t make much of a difference on these 4 stones, but I’d like to have the one with best cut/proportion and set it on my engagement ring. Please kindly share your opinions and help me select!

Is anyone able to run the numbers through DiamCalc so that I can make up my mind?

Or anyone can help us pick or exclude one of them? Any input is truly appreciated.

1) 1.173 ct

2) 1.116 ct

3) 1.053 ct

4) 1.061 ct

Have a great evening.


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Aug 14, 2009
Re: PSer please Help! Need your opinions on cut / proportion

Those stones all look beautiful - no 'good', 'better', 'best' to choose! They are also very similar IRL - there will be nuances, because all stones have nuances that averaged numbers from a scan can't portray, but without a more thorough scan honestly a plug-'n-play DiamCalc simulation w/ the numbers you've provided is not going to give you any more information by which to choose than what you've already got ;)) If you want to make a truly failsafe choice, you'd have to have them all shipped out to you and see which one your eyes choose in-person. Given that that's both expensive and time consuming (and for what most customers want - a beautiful stone - unnecessary), ask WF which they recommend and why, if any, and go from there. The first will be visibly bigger than the others, even once set, I think.

Does either WF or BGD sell the setting you want? If so I'd go with that vendor... otherwise you'll have to weigh size & price. The 1.05ct ACA is exactly the same size as the 1.06 BGD (same spread - 6.53-6.54mm vs 6.53-6.55mm) and is 1.2k cheaper, so unless you want a setting from BGD I'd skip that one.
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