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PSA Cute Cheap Teacher/Friend Gift


May 23, 2010
DD bought these Celestial Seasonings Teas at Walmart for around $2 each.

But here's the good part - they come with a FREE full size lip balm inside!

The lip balm flavor matches the tea flavor, and they are delicious! Many flavors available! :appl:

So if you need a cheap end-of-the-year teacher gifts, or something for holiday stockings, or you are the type that makes up gift baskets for people (this is not me), this is a great item for you. I would think it'd be cute in a basket with a mug, tea pot, etc., for mother's day.

I'm sure it's a limited time deal, so hurry on down to your grocery store, or Target or whatever.

Just thought I'd pass it on. :wavey:

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