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Proposing to my man. Ideas, opinions, help? :)


Jul 4, 2013
Hey everyone,

I would like to propose to my partner, we've been together for a few years now and I'd like to propose to him but need help/advice for it or even if I should.
To respond to people who say wait for him to propose. He has proposed to be before about 5 years ago but I had declined at the time for a few reasons and he said he'd never ask again, which I completely understand. So that's where I'm unsure if I should ask.
We have both said we want to spend the rest of our lives together too :)

Should I get him a ring? If yes, should it just be a token one and he pick what he wants? If I did the ring thing I was thinking of getting "will you marry me?" Engraved on the inside.
If no, what should I do/use as a proposal token? He has mentioned and showed me a chain he likes, maybe that could work?

I need help on the how to ask.. I was thinking a nice dinner or go to mini golf as that has a meaning to us, I want to do it in private. Any ideas or opinions?

I found my ring and I have bought it because it was my dream ring I had always imagined and it was on sale.

Please help with any ideas, feedback, opinions please it would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you so much. And depending on everything I'll let everyone know how it goes :)


Jun 6, 2013
I think a chain is a good idea. A watch is very popular too among women who propose. i think more women propose with watches than rings. I probably wouldn't engrave "will you marry me?" as a message (i prefer names, dates or poetic quotes) on something to be worn a long time. How about giving him a pocket watch with a folded note inside?

If you go the engraving route, maybe an engraved dog tag on the chain would be cute and masculine. And then he could choose to keep the tag as a keepsake instead of wearing it.


May 15, 2012
I really like this! I can totally understand about him not asking again and I think its very sweet that you ask him. Reminds me of Slade and Gretchen on The Real Housewives of OC (I might watch that show :)) Anyway! I like the idea of a watch or a chain as I feel like the ring would get replaced by his wedding band. What about getting him the chain and having a box engraved with "Will you mary me?" and the date. That way he could keep the box as a keepsake and wear and enjoy the chain as a symbol of your engagement.

Please let us know what you decide!


Jun 11, 2007
While I think it is totally awesome and ok that you would think of asking him, have you thought that maybe he would like to ask you but feels like he can't after being turned down...? Maybe you would like to do something or say something to let him know you are definitely into wanting a marriage and going from there? Maybe you could arrange a social time or moment to tell him and maybe he is just dying to know you are ok to move forward. I definitely get why he might not be jumping to ask you again but seems like maybe he would actually like to take the reigns if you pass them over...? just a thought. :)
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