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Proposal in San Francisco - SPOILER she said yes :)


Dec 11, 2012
Hi all,

Posting up my proposal story, now that it's all done.

Searched for the right ring for a few months, reading around and refreshing the search engine constantly. I had planned on getting a solitaire setting and letting my girlfriend pick out the setting she wanted, but just as I was making my purchase, a setting jumped out at me as just the one I was looking for. Here's what I ended up with: [URL=''][/URL]

I had prepped my GF a few weeks earlier by telling her that I wanted her to plan a birthday party for me on my birthday weekend. She had no idea that I was going to propose, and the birthday party was actually going to be an engagement party!

The day of the party, we had planned brunch and a hike in the morning. I took her to brunch at the restaurant we were at when she realized that she loved me for the first time. After brunch we drove out to the cliff house and hiked the Land's End trail. We had a great time walking and talking, and the whole time I was reminiscing about our relationship together. I kept things focused on my birthday, and telling her that was why I wanted to talk about the last few years. We ended up running through all the great things that have happened over the course of our 3+ year relationship.

At the end of the trail, out by Sea Cliff, there is a gazebo and a park bench with an amazing view of the Golden Gate bridge. We sat down on the bench and I told her something that I'd been keeping from her... that my Dad proposed to my Mom at that same spot 37 years earlier. :bigsmile:

At that point she figured things out. I pulled out the box, and opened it. But the ring in it wasn't the ring linked above. My Dad proposed to my Mom with his grandmother's ring, which has since been passed down to me. I asked my girlfriend to marry me with my great grandmother's ring, and she said yes!

My great -grandmother's ring (linked below) is pretty, but very old fashioned. The stones are the colors of the Italian flag... on purpose. I told my girlfriend that while the ring I proposed with was special, I didn't think she'd want to wear it around, and I whipped out the "real" engagement ring. She was pretty blown away at that point.

I then went and grabbed a bottle of her favorite sparkling wine and two glasses that I'd stashed in some bushes earlier in the morning, and we sat on the bench looking at the bridge and laughing for a while. We were and are amazingly happy. We had a party to celebrate later that evening, with all our friends and family. It was amazing.

Thanks for all the help, and good luck to all the guys on here looking for advice.

Here's a picture of both rings and one of the two of us together:





Apr 28, 2008
Oh my gosh, you guys are adorable together!! And I love the sweet proposal, and the two rings. I bet she was floored when you pulled out her ring! You need to move this to the Show Me the Bling sub-forum so you'll get a lot more replies!


Dec 18, 2012
What a sweet story, congrats on that!!! :appl: :appl: :appl:
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