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Proposal Idea: Need a Plan B


Aug 17, 2018
Hello all!

You may remember me from my “Naom carver” thread in the Rocky Talky forum.

Now that I have the stone & setting purchased, I’ve moved onto the lovely proposal idea anxiety.

My partner & I will be travelling to the Cornwall area to attend an event called “Pumpkinferno” in mid October, spending 1-night, then continuing onto Montreal to spend another night there.

We both LOVE fall & I am planning on proposing at the Pumpkinferno event. I reached out to them to ask if I’d be able to pay for pumpkins to be carved out spelling “will you marry me?” and placed along the route, but they stated they couldn’t do this as their carving contractors finished up at the end of August. Many of the pumpkin displays are styrofoam/plastic and carved well in advance I guess. Still beautiful nonetheless, but the artists finish in the summer.

I asked them if there is anything they’d be able to do for me, such as laying down battery powered tea-lights by the water saying “will you marry me?”, and they stated they will see what they can do with such a tight time frame, but cannot promise anything and will let me know late next week.

I could certainly just pop the question on my own while we are at the event, but I really want to add a personal touch. Not simply just stop somewhere along our walk, although I’m sure that would be beautiful, I reallyyyyyyyyyy want just a little bit more.

I can’t ask for help from friends or family because this event is 4.5 hours away from our city and my lady & I will be travelling there together.

I also can’t simply leave the hotel to go set something up as she will definitely suspect something.

I don’t know what to do now! Any suggestions on how to add a romantic/simple personal touch to this proposal idea if the event itself is unable to help?


Jun 4, 2018


Jul 5, 2016
Is there someone else in the area who can carve them for you? Maybe ask for the carving contractors' contact info and hire them independently? Perhaps then they'd let you use them.

Either way, I'm sure your proposal will be perfect no matter what! You've got a lucky lady!
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