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Proposal Idea in Hawaii! Feedback?


Mar 21, 2015

Next month I'm taking my girlfriend to Hawaii ( The Big Island) and I'm going to pop the question there. I can't figure out which way will be better. I thought about doing a helicopter tour over the volcano and waterfalls and doing it in the helicopter, but I imagine the helicopter will be loud and there will be other people on the helicopter. I want to do something more intimate where she can hear me and really be in the moment.

We don't arrive until 9 P.M. so I will prob wait until the next day. My idea is waking up early and driving to Waipio Valley Lookout. It's a lookout over beautiful mountains, waterfalls and a black sand beach. I'm thinking about hiking down into the valley and magically "finding a bottle" on the black sand beach. Inside the bottle will be a short note and will ask her to marry me. By the time she puts 2 and 2 together I will be on my knee on the black sand beach.

What are your thoughts?

*Edit: She has a favorite wine that happens to be in a clear glass bottle too. Thinking of discretely packing an empty one of those in my luggage to use for the bottle :D


Mar 8, 2015
Awww this is such a lovely idea!! I really like the fact that it will hopefully be an intimate moment with just you two. My only concerns would be is the area going to be busy? And will someone else take the bottle? Maybe if you go early enough it will be good! But other than that I think it is a dream proposal idea. Very romantic!! Good luck!


Aug 29, 2014
do NOT do the first one. My god I just picture a horror story of the ring falling out of the helicopter. You can do a private heli ride ($$$) if that is what you choose to do.

The second I like better, but it all seems a bit much. Who is going to put the bottle out there? What if someone else finds it? I just can't picture the full event playing out. I like the idea of the beach though, maybe you can point out else (seashell, rock, etc), have her grab it and when she turns around you can be on one knee? Same idea, but seems easier (imo).

But seriously, what a lucky gal! Getting engaged in Hawaii, that sounds amazing!


Jul 7, 2004
Keep it simple! You'll be in paradise. I would just propose in a nice spot on the beach the following morning! Don't get too elaborate since you're traveling that far, and it could go horribly wrong doing that unless you know someone there you trust to help set it up or the hotel can help you. You can still do a heli ride if you want, but I am with the commenter on the "what ifs" with both that and the bottle plan. Don't risk that! And save the bottle of wine she loves for when you return home. I'd alert the hotel staff that you're planning to propose the next day, somehow when sh'es in the shower maybe, so that when you return to the room they maybe have decked it out with a bottle of champagne and roses.

You've mentioned some beautiful places, there's also Manini Owali beach which is lovely, and if you go REALLY early you might be the only ones there and it might be a great private moment.
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