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Proposal Help - Chicago


Nov 26, 2012
I'm looking to propose to my gf of 4 years in Chicago next month and would like some help. I've searched all of the threads on here and they were a big help since I've never been there before (she has been once several years ago).

So far, I thought I would take her out to a nice dinner and then either propose at dinner, or go to Millenium Park afterwards and surprise her while ice skating before going back to the hotel. She would be surprised at either and wouldn't mind a public thing as long as screaming children aren't around ruining the moment. :rodent:

I would like to keep the meal under $150 for us both if possible (food only, we don't really drink wine/champagne). I was looking at Geja's but we've never had fondu so I'm not sure how well that would go over. We are both very open to new things and like almost anything, but I don't want to smell like oil and cheese when I propose. LOL Also looked at the Signature Room. Any suggestions?

Also, where is a good place to stay? I was looking at maybe the JW Marriott near MM and Millenium Park. I want something nice, but don't want to spend $400 a night either. Would like to keep that <$200ish if possible since I am on somewhat of a budget.

Thanks for all of the help in advance! I want this to be perfect and I know PS members are the experts since you guys helped me get the perfect diamond. :appl:


Dec 23, 2010
I live in the burbs, so I don't know how much help I can be.

Ice skating in Millenium Park/looking at the Bean/ etc.... all that would be great! As far as dinner goes, I've heard nothing but good things about Signature Room. I've always wanted to go myself. I do know quite a few people who have proposed/been proposed to there.
I've heard Geja's is over-rated on both food and atmosphere, and I agree, you probably don't want to smell like dinner for the next few hours!

The only hotel I've stayed at was the Burnham. Beautiful hotel, right at the corner of Washington and State.
Plus, it's within walking distance to Millenium Park (we were there last January, and the weather was unseasonably warm, so it wasn't unbearable). But the weather is so unpredictable......

I wish I could help you out more.


Jan 17, 2012
Millennium Park is gorgeous and will make for a great place to propose. If you want it a bit more private you can take a quick walk through the Lurie gardens (in Millennium Park) and stop to look at the skyline in a private area on the lit path. Here are a few photos of the garden to give you an idea:[email protected]/4343739219/ and more private area:

I agree that the burnham is a very nice choice of hotel, or the Palmer house.

Dinner is tough because there are SO many great places. For spectacular views: Signature Room, Nomi, or 676 on Michigan ave.

Hope it turns out great!
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