Process for getting an heirloom diamond re-set


Feb 16, 2016
Hi there! I'm new to PS but am SO thankful that I stumbled upon this amazing community of diamond lovers. In just a couple weeks I've already learned a LOT and have found a few vendors that I'm looking into! Okay so now for my backstory...

My BF's grandmother left him her super old e-ring about 9 years ago before she passed. Now the time has come for us to get married and we want to get her stone reset. Now the confusion begins and I'm hoping some of you follow PSers can help me out here! Where do I begin? I've been given conflicting information from different local jewelers so now I'm super lost!

One company told me that before anyone can work on my ring that I need to get the stone mapped and appraised, get the stone certified, and get the stone insured. While another company told me that whoever sets the stone should appraise it for me so why would I pay for it twice (but that if I really wanted them to appraise it that I could watch the whole process and that they can even laser engrave it for me). While I understand not paying for a service twice I also don't feel comfortable having the ring worked on without knowing anything about it! A third company told me that they would need to un-set the stone in order to appraise it and that I would have to drop the ring off and pick-up a few hours later.

The ring has sat in a safe for the past 9 years and we have found zero paperwork on it so we're completely unaware of what we're dealing with, and to confuse matters more, I've met with 2 local jewelers who each gave me different info (one said it was 7mm round and a little under 2 carats, another said it was 7mm Old European Cut and was probably about 1.3 carats).

So my question to PS is what is the correct process for this??? I'm 90% sure Victor Canera will do the setting as I am obsessed with his craftsmanship and so far he's the only one I've found that hand forges (plus I am SUPER anal about every little detail and really appreciate the research that frankiextah did for many of us :bigsmile: )

Do I need to get the stone unset in order to get it appraised? Do I need to get it appraised before sending it off to get reset? Help please!!!!!

(PS a few photos of the existing ring are attached, my apologies for the really bad cell phone pics!)





Dec 17, 2008
Call Victor and ask him what he needs (is insurance on the stone enough) before working with the stone?

Call whichever insurance company you plan on having it insured with and ask what they need to insure it.
- they'll probably want an appraisal in which case find one here... - the appraiser will tell you if they want it unmounted.
- If the insurance company wants it certified then the appraiser can tell you where to go and what to do to get it done. want to have it insured during the reset process in case it gets damaged. I dont know if Victor has his own
insurance or not, that would cover it (I believe insurance is usually on you).

For your own peace of mind an appraisal would be nice to have. That way you get to know your stone, details and all.

I would ask the appraiser for a "realistic" replacement appraisal so you dont get some fake/blown out of the water value
you have to pay insurance on.
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