Princess: My eyes are crossed, my head hurts...

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Jun 19, 2003
Ok folks.. I'm about at my wit's end.

I am looking for a princess cut stone (She likes the princess, I like ideal round) to put in a very simple Cathedral or Tiffany setting (oh yeah, in *Platinum.* Ain't she a charm? Ya gotta love her!) as an engadgement ring. I just can't spend more than $3500, out-the-door and on her finger. I'd like it to be about 75 points, G or better color, VS2 or better clarity, and a great cut. Am I being unreasonable in my hopes for this price?

Where have I looked? All over the durn place. I just don't know what I am looking for. I've been all over the DCI site (yeah, yeah.. I know. "bonded" as in jail bonds, but a fella's got to start somewhere) and the site, but I just can't find anywhere that caters to the princess cut.

I understand that there are many combinations that *could* make a perfect (or durn close) stone, but unfortunately I seem to only find basic proportion info. NO
brick and mortar place that I've been to has a Class I from the AGA sheet. Robbins Brothers even told me that it was a "horrible cut, why would you ever want *THAT*" then said that they would have to "try" and get it from NYC, and that it would cost me "about $1800 more than our best cut in the store." Oh yeah, that made sense: It's really bad, so we'll just tack on 33 1/3% to the price to discourage you from buying a stone with such bad proportions. Also, I'm leery of buying over the net after I saw something I liked from DCI and then saw Fred's rep elsewhere.

This is what I got from DCI:
VS2, G(1)
(**oops, forgot dimensions: 5.30 x 5.32 x 3.45)
Table: 64%
Total Depth: 65
Crown Angle: 33.5
Crown Height: 11.8
Pavillion Angle: 44.6
Pavillion Depth: 51.9
Polish/Symmetry: Good/Good
Girdle: Thin to Medium .7-1.3
Fluorescence: None
Price: $3223.00

I know a bunch of you have your own sites and such, and are prohibited from directly advertising, but heck, tell me how this stacks up and show me where to go to learn more.

Any help you could provide this drowning man would be greatly appreciated!!!


Apr 13, 2003
Ah, the hazards of finding a good princess cut. *grin* If you run a search from
the main Pricescope page, you will find quite a few in the color, clarity, size and
cut range you are looking for under 3,000.

Read the tutorials here, and then do some searches for Fancy Cuts. You'll find
that while the AGA chart makes a good guide, you really need to see fancies for yourself to know for sure if its the stone for you.

Good Luck!



Mar 28, 2001
If you are interested in looking at princess cuts with the most outstanding optics drop me an email. I am forbidden to link you via this forum.

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