princess cut polish problem

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Jan 9, 2003
I became engaged one year ago. When my husband proposed, he gave me a beautiful .73 princess cut diamond, VVS2, Color E sqare modified. I absolutely loved it. However, when I wore it I noticed the diamond was very crooked/off center. I mentionned it to him and he returned to the jeweler and asked her to fix it. When he came home, it was still off center and looking closely I noticed there was a hole in the prong holding the diamond. I had him return it again and she pushed the prongs into the diamond so it wasn't so raised trying to close the hole. At that point I was very frustrated and took it to my own jeweler. Them having stated that the hole in the prong was unsafe and they also found another weak prong head. They offered to reset it. I agreed, thinking this would be the end of the problem. HOWEVER, when they removed the diamond, they said they couldn't reset the stone because there was a natural edge with a jetting point which could result in chipping the diamond when setting it. They couldn't believe that she didn't chip it when she set it!!! Apparently, the jeweler saw that and tried to put the prong AROUND the jetting piece!!!! They recommended having it sent out to be polished which was pretty expensive. When it came back, I was so saddened because it was no longer the square princess, it was rectangular due to polishing and the weight dropped to .69 which appeared smaller to me. The polisher, however did a great job. I, on the other hand have been so saddened that it didn't even look like the diamond he proposed with! Was there anything else I could have done? I am hoping to purchase another diamond but I don't want to hurt his feelings. We never went back to the initial jeweler but I am still angered feeling that she should have compensated somehow. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


Mar 21, 2001
Gary is right, it is a relationship issue at this point.

I think your jeweler in consultation with the cutter
should have explained to you the possible options
and outcomes in recutting this stone. If you would
not be satisfied, you should have been allowed to substitute
a comparable Princess Cut that was satisfactory to you.

I'm puzzled,though, as how this stone with such an obvious defect
passed the jeweler's muster in the first place.

Good Luck,

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