Princess cut earrings

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Mar 14, 2003
Is it possible to get a pair of princess cut earrings with total weight between 0.6-0.72 set in white gold for under 1000 dollars? I mean GIA certified, ideal cut stones. I have looked on a few sites, but they only mention color and clarity for specific price ranges. I am more concerned about the cut (as most people here are)...
A better question may be -
I would like to get some earrings and am willing to go as low as H color, SI1 clarity, but want nicely cut stones for 1000K - how much "carat" (total) will that get me?


Oct 30, 2002
Well with a budget like that you can probably build your own earrings using loose stones. You could buy online a pre-set matched pair if you want, but you are right in that most co's only give you the basics on the color, clarity and ctw for earrings. You ask them for more info and they think you are insane!

Anyway--I found the following two stones. There weren't too many to find on Pscope, so you may have to widen the search if you want to do the loose stone deal, or get in touch with a few of the vendors to see what else they have that may not be posted. You should look for a closeness in ctw and color, with clarity being a tossup (e.g. one VS2 and one SI1 stone should be fine). Since the earrings are on separate sides of your head, you can get away with more than with something like a ring that people always want to see up close. No one ever asks to see my earrings on my head up close!

Princess cut .35c G VS2 $492
Princess cut .37c G SI1 $509 USACerted.Com

Both stones are cut pretty well it seems from the #'s, though I'm sure you know that with Princess cut stones the range is broad for what can be beautiful to one's eye. It is harder to gauge fancy stones cut quality than with a round where you have all those tools and online virtual simulations to help.

So I would keep looking around online, seems like you could get a pair of .70c earrings for around $1k and even choose the stones yourself. The setting in white gold earring posts will be around $100 or less depending on who you use. Good luck!!
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