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Aug 27, 2000
Morning, everyone. Although I've frequented most of the diamond forums that I am aware of for quite some time, I haven't posted much on pricescope and I thought it was time to change that. I personally feel that this site is one of the most beneficial on the web for consumers.With that in mind, I wanted to point the consumers (like myself!) to what I think may be a seldom-used portion of pricescope that I think is a great tool. Now, I say it is seldom used, because people don't talk about it very much. Anyway, the tool is the "price stats" function. You hear at a lot of jewelers that a stone is priced at Rap, discount to Rap, etc.. In my opinion, consumers will confuse themselves more by trying to use Rap than they are helped. Unfortunately, there are too many variable that can affect a diamond price in comparison to Rap that a consumer might not be aware of. For instance, a very poorly cut stone without a lab report will get a discount from Rap due to the quality of cut as well as a discount for the lack of a GIA lab report. Additionally, Rap is the high ASKING price for diamonds in the New York area. Not necessarily the actual selling prices.The price stats section of pricescope gives a "real time" picture of the prices that pricescope vendors are currently listing diamonds for. In other words, what they are willing to sell them for. Furthermore, you can look at different diamond shapes, size, cut quality etc.., and get a current picture of what is available in certain combinations and about what price per carat you are looking at paying. In my opinion it is a great way for narrowing in on what diamond you can afford with your budget.Anyway, hope this helps some consumers find what I think may be an over-looked but very helpful portion of this great site.Keep up the great work, guys.E


Dec 31, 1999
Thanks E for the kind words and especially for the good post about Rap Report. Well said!You know, people are asking all the time about Rap that shows they are not understand well enough how dangerous can be for consumer to rely on it.Funny, once I got an email form a guy who asking me about Rap and how Pricescope stats related to it. Based on questions I assumed he was a consumer looking for info. So I tried to explain and give more references...In the following email the guy said that he is diamond purchasing consultant in one of brick-n-mortar store and they are trying to leave the "dark ages"
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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