Prices to go up on fancy cut diamonds?


Apr 5, 2009
I was just on the SMTB forum admiring some amazing diamonds in this thread, and I saw, near the end of the thread, the OP's comment that rumor has it that prices on fancy shapes are going up soon?

Do any of the vendors/appraisers have any info on that?

Sheesh. First a bad pawn shop experience; now more rumors of price increases -- I am soooo over diamonds! Colored stones, here I come!


Jan 7, 2009
Hi Lula,
Basically, diamonds of all shapes are experiencing price increases.
Interesting point about colored stones versus diamonds.
We could make the point that increases in price not only affect those considering diamonds for purchase- it also means that the value of diamonds people already own is increasing as well.
Not to imply it's easy to sell one's diamonds. But I do think turning diamonds into cash is a lot easier than turning Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds into cash.


Jul 3, 2011
hi there

this is going to be a loooong one. pls correct me if im wrong.

here is my daond buying process
ok so when i talk to my dealer about getting a is how he sends me a quote

for example...the rap on the stone per carat is $10000 on it is 25% os now the percarat price is $7500 and his commission is 3% which brings the new carat price to $7725 per carat

i get a quote from 2 or 3 dealers and compare and i also check online prices and go for the cheapest or the stone i like better...usually my dealer's prices are a lot cheaper than online...and online, you would not get a break up. a lot of people on the forum said that the margins would be 20 - 30% which seems waaay more than what my guy is charging (even assuming that he is lying to me about % discount...his prices are waaaay cheaper...may be coz we give him plenty of business each year..who knows)

now talking about price of fancy cuts
the rap for rounds went up by a lot more in the past two years(atlst 20 - 30%) when compared to fancy cuts (only 5-10%)...
with round diamonds, the rap went up and discounts came down
with fancy cuts..rap went up bu a lot less and discounts came down...
since the discounts of thefancy cuts came down, to an average would seem like the prices of fancy cuts also went up significantly

but now if you compare just the in the past two years rounds went up by much more and the fancies need to catch up to maintain the price difference between rounds and any other fancy cut of the same specs

so to me it seems like its common sense that they are bound to go up (here is where i need correction ifim wrong)

price of melee

in the past several years....per carat price of 1 to 7 pointers is cheaper than price of 8 - 12 pointers and so on...but now the samller sizes ie..1 pointer to 7 pointers price went up by a lot more than 10 pointers and now they are at the same price per its probably a good time to buy things in 10 - 12 pointers size????

sorry about the ramble...thought this could be helpful :bigsmile:


Sep 3, 2000
Its easy enough to think simply that prices are going up, but if one thinks about it, there are other things going on at the same time. A good deal of the increase in cost is that the US Dollar is losing some of its value against other currencies. When I go to to see precious metal prices, they show a calculation which separates the price changes in metals between loss or gain in the value of the dollar and also the market demand or lack of demand effect on the value. Both things are at play here. Really, diamonds are more costly, that's true, but trying to define which part of the increase is lost dollar value, lost buying power, and what part is based on increased demand or tight supplies is a more complex part of the reason behind the scenes. I'd expect diamond prices to continue to rise for some time to come. Of course, there will market corrections if the rise is overly rapid.

For sure, diamonds are far more convertible to cash than any colored gemstone. This is because diamond grading is so far advanced beyond colored stone grading, the degree of organization of the diamond market compared to the lack of organization in colored gem distribution, the huge amount of advertising money spent on diamonds and the lack of proper marketing of colored gems. There are several more reasons, too. If you are buying gemstones with the potential for cashing them in someday, then the smart direction is diamonds for the foreseeable future. I have loved and used colored gemstones in jewelery we made and jewelry given to my wife for decades, but even inside the trade I recognize the vast liquidation differences with diamonds versus colored gemstones.


Jan 8, 2008
Yeesh, it just makes me feel fortunate to have bought the stones I did when I did (and it wasn't even that long ago). I love old cuts and they used to all seem like bargains where As now it seems like they have a premium. Step cuts also seem much higher. BTW, for kicks I've been checking in on a couple James Allen stones over a period of months and it seems they have not raised prices on their preexisting listings like many other vendors.
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