Price for a shared prong wedding band

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Nov 23, 2002
Im looking for a wedding band to go with a 3 stone round lucida ring (center .90 sides .31 each).I'm thinking of a shared prong band 14kwg with 5 stones around.10-.15 each g/h si what would be a good price for this? I got a price to make it up for about $800 (for 5 .10ct =.50tcw) Any suggesions on internet sites for this? Or other ideas for wedding bands. thanks


Oct 30, 2002
The price you got sounds pretty good. I have done alot of searches on wedding bands on Google with good results. Try 'prong-set diamond' or 'shared-prong diamond' or similar and I bet you will get results. Might take some searching through many results.

My thought is that with a 3 stone ring, do you really want 5 more stones on another ring next to it? Esp if they are standing up and out like the 3 stone ring? What about a prong-set or pave set small diamond eternity style wedding band to go next to the e-ring but not really take away from the glory of the 3 stone? Then you'd get some sparkle from the wedding band but the 3 stone ring would still be the glory. Just my thoughts...when we were searching for an e-ring, my prominent thought was 'what band goes with this style' and if it was something that would look a little off or odd then I would not even bother to think about the e-ring, as I think of the pair together rather than each ring separately. I loved many e-rings that just did not have a known pair for a wed band, or ones that might be too odd to sit a band next to. I have a girlfriend who has a marquis e-ring and she is having problems figuring out what sort of wedding band to get as the marquis is such a bold stone regardless of what you put next to it, plus then you have the protrusion of the marquis point over whatever you choose.

Sorry to ramble! :) Good luck!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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