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Preloved Cartier Love band - input


Sep 19, 2013
Hi, hoping this is the appropiate forum for this question. I am considering buying a preloved love band (Cartier). I have seen one on EBay from a Japanese seller where the ring comes with a Box and certificate which seem to look ok, but the Cartier hallmark is faint due to polishing. Would this concern you? The serial number is ok and the same as on the certificate. The seller has excellent reviews.
There is also a band on TrueFacet, but without any documentation. Is that preferable?
Lastly, there is a platinum band on the TrueFacet site - would It be better to get the plat band? I am planning on wearing this as an everyday piece if I do get one. Feeling indecisive and tempted! Would Love to hear your input.
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