Possible recut needed? Input appreciated!


Apr 22, 2010
I have a round brilliant cut diamond, champagne C2, VS-SI 1.30 carat (not certed in any way) that has a hazy look to it at certain angles. Almost an oily look to the top? Hard to explain and impossible to capture in a picture. Was told by one jeweler that it may have: 1. too much fluorescence and/or by another jeweler 2. needs to be recut so that it sparkles. Was told by 3rd jeweler (by phone) to look at it under an "old school" light bulb, and it still looked hazy (but can't remember if that was to see if it was too much fluorescence or not?)

Brilliance and sparkle is what I'm going for and this one is lacking! In some lighting it is "ok," but in others and if tilted, it is blah. I like the color of the diamond and the size, but will not wear it as it is now, which is set in simple yellow gold setting.

Both jewelers have seen it in person. Now the question of the hour is - who do I go to for a recut that won't break the bank? That is, if it is what is needed.

Thanks in advance for any and all input!
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