Possible diamond Cutter?


Jul 18, 2011
Does anybody have contact details or possible help with someone who could cut a diamond and re-grade it? Mine is a longer story but i have a 1.53 round cut (Si2, I, 7.45x 7.49x 4.49, depth 60.1, girdle thin-sl, thick, culet very small, table 60.1, finish - good) with a natural inclusion which is on the girdle that could possibly be cut out without going below the 1.50 size. I would like a professional opinion on this. I am trying to purchase a different diamond for a new relationship I am in. I have a real dilemma here. I bought this from "Spence diamond" with their trade-up policy 10 years ago and they knew about this natural inclusion without telling, they have the trade up - trade in policy. Spence is of course giving me the "full value" of my first purchase, or so there telling me, however there trying to sell me a 14k loose stone that I know I can buy for 8k from dealers here. So basically they're trying to fleece by marking up the new purchase almost by 100%.

I am thinking of having a professional re-cut the round to bring the value back in the diamond to potentially sell. Currently any other place would pay me $2500 for this stone because of the inclusion. Any thoughts? Help?


Jan 8, 2008
I know of two guys who might do this. One is Paul Slegers of Cut by Infinity and the other is Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds. They both specialized in ideal cut stones and are among the most skilled. I had my stone recut by single stone (I would highly recommend but their specialty is old cuts) and when I was asking around the going rate is $350/ct. Most cutters will not assume liability for the unlikely event of breakage or they will expect an extra fee if this is an option.
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