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Feb 24, 2003
For anyone out there beginning their search for a diamond, very few compete with Affordable Diamonds Online in reference to cost and service. Being a geologist and conscientious consumer, I naturally had to discover for myself the ins and outs of the diamond trade at the wholesale and retail level, in order to get the best "bang for the buck", which is what the vast majority of us are trying to do. Of course, I would have bought a diamond directly from a buyer, but unfortunately, i''m not a dealer. I also went to numerous independent and chain jewelers for cost comparsion. But believe me, there is no comparison. I was quite shocked, and found it dificult to believe the cost differences between online and retail stores. In hindsight, I feel sorry for all those people buying diamonds at twice the price in the retail stores. I got such an incredible bargain, that I needed to share my good fortune with others considering buying a diamond, before they buy elsewhere.

If you must buy locally however, the independents are far more reliable and knowledgable, and offer more support after you buy a ring than the retail stores. However, we''re not talking about buying a Mercedes either, so don''t place much emphasis on "support" issues. Once you buy a diamond ring, you''ll only need deal with polishing and resizing for the most part.

I literally spent months researching diamond quality, cutting, symmetry, certification, cost, suppliers (wholesale and retail), etc. I eventually settled on a carat weight, and a range of specs that I established for what I wanted in a round brilliant. That was the dificult part, but the easy part was to follow. Once I established my range of limits for the 4 C''s, I decided to locate an objective website and/or forum in order to compare online dealers in terms of cost, honesty, service, and dependability. After reviewing numerous sites, I discovered that Pricescope is the best website and search engine for diamond shopping and comparison, as well as education. If you''re reading this post, half your battle is over. The other half is finding out what you actually want to buy. That is where Affordable Diamonds Online (ADOL) comes in.

After establishing my criteria, I did a general search and came up with quite a few diamonds that matched. I discovered that ADOL consistently came up in the top with price. After receiving copies of certs from diamonds I was interested in, I decided to call. I talked with Beth initially and on subsequent calls and emails (too numerous to list). I''m sure it was quite obvious to Beth that I was a little skeptical in buying something for that much off the internet. But, she hung in there with me for weeks, and kept reminding me from time to time, "don''t worry, you''re going to be be very pleased when you see it". What an understatement. What an incredible diamond and ring. Beth was extremely patient, and offered expert and honest advice freely. How do I know she was honest you ask? Well, based on my criteria, Beth prevented me from buying a diamond (from ADOL) I was considering buying, which cost considerably more than the diamond i actually bought! How many sales people do you know that will do that? But, Beth was not just a sales person, she was also very knowledgeable. When she was not sure, she would ask someone else who was.

I''ve looked at over 50 diamond rings in person since I began this search, and none came close in the price range I bought this at. In fact, I was so happy with the engagement ring from ADOL, I bought the band from them too. This is one company that i will be recommending to everyone I know interested in quality jewelry at great prices. Thanks to Beth and all the ADOL staff,

T.C. Young
Champaign, IL
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