Please post your ring/stone pictures of Ashoka or Tycoon


Mar 13, 2016
Hello all

I posted a message about Ashoka but I realized my post was too specific.

First, I would need to see more pictures of real Ashoka (Or... Tycoon, I haven't seen them for real but they seem to be more produced than Ashoka, so I'm exploring that possibility too.) on hands please!
So lucky cats, post your pictures here.

My dream ring would be a solitary Ashoka about 2ct with strong blue fluorescence. Yeah, it's rather special I know...
But I don't know where to look except at William Goldberg but it doesn't seem like the smartest plan if I don't want to end up with a miniature Ashoka. So spill your ideas and recommendations :love: :appl:

So please let me see your AShoka and their stories, place of acquisition and price!

Thank you very much diamond lovers!
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