Please Help - Which stone is better?

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Apr 17, 2003
#1 AGS cert.
1.64ct E VS2 H&A
AGS000 cut
Table 54.6
Depth 61.6
Crown 34.5
Pavil 40.8
HCA 1.1
BScope (VH, VH, VH)
Flour.: None
Diam.: 7.60 - 7.61mm
NOTES: Symmetry is VERY high on all facets (e.g., stone is only 0.01mm off of being perfectly round). Appraiser stated it was probably one of the ten best stones he''s seen in terms of precision of cut. Only has one cloud under table and one feather and a few pinpoints spread elsewhere, thus graded independently as being a close to a VS1. Very, very beautiful in person. Also, I like the seller a lot (definite plus).

#2 AGS cert.
1.68ct F VVS1 (uncertain regarding H&A)
AGS000 cut
Table 55
Depth 60.8
Crown 34.5
Pavil 40.8
HCA 1.2
BScope: N/A
Flour.: N/A
Diam.: 7.71 - 7.76mm
NOTES: I haven''t seen the cert for this stone or seen this stone in person yet. All other things being equal, it appears to be a better value (Down one color, up two clarity grades, slightly bigger), even with the probable drop in cut quality. I also have less information on this stone (is it H&A, flouressence)?

The question is, if #2 is a better value - how much better? I''ve already gotten stone #1 appraised (pre purchase) by a good third party appraiser. Should I bring in stone #2 and incur the extra expense and effort? Should I request a Sarin/MegaScope on #2 first (to gauge symmetry, etc., on my own)? I''ve been offered both stones at equivalent prices.

Thanks in advance!


Colored Gemstone Nut

Nov 21, 2002
I would go with choice 1 for many reasons. It has alot of available data in which the second stone does not have like b-scope results. Also being the better E color and lower clarity vs2 you will probably be getting a close comparison price wise even though the F is a lower color by one grade you will be paying a higher price in terms of the high clarity grade. VVS1 stones command a higher premium in most cases hundreds of dollars....For something you can't see except under the scope why spend the extra bucks...List prices for both stones and you will get more opinions on the better value based on the numbers you posted...

-Josh Rioux
Sitka, Alaska



Feb 22, 2003
Scorpion is right. Pricing will make a big difference.

Possibly call the vendor, ask them to pull out the second diamond, and discuss it with you over the phone. You will know if it is an in-stock diamond, if the vendor is just brokering off a list, and you can check on the H&A status. Check Price Stats and compare the asking prices once you know for sure about the second stone.

Good Luck in your decision process!
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