Please HELP me with my earring purchase!

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Jan 18, 2007
Hi everyone. I''m a new member here and and I need urgent help. Apparently the diamond gods have cursed me to have bad diamond earring experiences. My boyfriend recently purchased this pair of earrings for me from Costco:|1||P_SignDesc1&Sp=C&ec=&topnav=

I received them this week and they are beautiful, but the little platinum bit at the hinge of the earring (near the bottom, the part that looks like a little bubble in the profile pic) is popping out on one of the earrings. I''m afraid that the hinge could break and I could potentially lose an earring. At this point I am not sure whether I should just return the earrings, exchange the earrings, or have the problem fixed. Before this pair, my boyfriend bought me a pair of identical earrings to these from a jewelry store in San Francisco (except the platinum stip had tiny pave diamonds all the way down) and one of the pave diamonds fell out, so I had to return those
. I am incredibly frustrated because I searched for those earrings for so long, and this design is the closest match I could find. Now I am having a problem with these. Perhaps this is why diamond earrings are rarely done in a non-stud style?

Any advice on what you would do in my situation? Is there a really reputable online-retailer that might have a close match to the style of these earrings and possibly better workmanship? Should I just give up on finding a pair of simple diamond dangle earrings altogether? Please help!


Mar 14, 2005
Welcome to pricescope! These are lovely earrings, but they appear to be fairly simple in design. I would think you could find something similar at one of the online vendors or perhaps have a pair made. If you really like these though you could exchange them and give Costco one more try.



Jan 18, 2007
Have you contacted Costco with your problem? They will tell you if they are willing to stand behind the product or not.
If you truly love the earrings and do not want to change out to something else, bring or send them to a reputable repair
or restoration shop to have them take a look at them, if nothing else, to ease your mind. They are able to let you know
what if anything is wrong and to be done. Would Costco be willing to pay for you to fix the problem on your own?
Just as there are stores specializing in selling you diamonds, there are shops specializing in just restorations. Good Luck to ya.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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