Please help me with finding my OEC!!


May 2, 2011
Hi there,

I've been lurking this board upon discovering it a couple weeks ago after trying to find the perfect antique engagement ring -- alas, found the perfect setting, but still need to find the perfect stone. I know nobody but me can choose the right diamond and ultimately you like what you like, but I'd love some help, as I'm new to all this.

I've been looking online at OWD as they seem to have a number of diamonds in my price point (under 3k) for what I'm looking for. Essentially my criteria is a) something that fits the ring of course - around 6mm diameter is a great fit, the other measurements seem not to be as much of an issue. This generally seems to equate to about 80 points - 1 carat. We did see some diamonds already at SS, but are weighing various options. I'm somewhat sensitive to color on both ends - don't love the starkness of even a G..don't love the color of a J/K. Clarity I'd be willing to compromise more on while still getting an eye clean stone but it sounds like I should be getting the best clarity I can? I'm still not sure how much is too much to compromise there.

In looking at OWD these are what kind of jumped out at me. I am particularly drawn to how this first one looks, and not just because of the price point, really! I've tried to do some due diligence in looking against the screening chart that has been posted in the forum before, but I'd really like more opinions. I don't know what to really look out for or avoid. At SS it seemed I liked "chunkier" facets..but I'm having a hard time figuring out what that even looks like in one of these photos (see, am very new). I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on these diamonds below...please!

Along with 2 transitionals here, which I know even less about.

Am welcome to all thoughts, opinions, and alternative suggestions if you feel like pointing out others you like better.

Many thanks!


Jan 7, 2007
I'm sorry but none of these diamonds are my taste. They all have too large table or big inclusions that I don't like.

I think it will be important to watch for a small table size and good clarity. Go on Ebay... nothing to loose and see if there are something better for your price. In another hand, your budget is a little short to have a 6mm good quality stone.
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