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May 9, 2021
Hi ladies! Do you recommend getting the cartier pave love ring in the wedding band version? If yes, in what metal do you recommend/prefer and can i wear it 24/7 including shower, cook, skincare and stuffs like that? Will it hold up well(diamonds wont be falling off )?

Im still contemplating whether to get a pave love ring or an eternity ring(in round brilliant diamonds, 2.5-3mm band width) i sincerely hope that reaching out might help me in making my decision!

I dont really know the pros and cons of the pave love ring and an eternity ring, hope i’ll get clarification on that as well?
Do you prefer rose gold or white gold on your pave love rings?

Im thinking of getting a rose gold one, but i dont know if it looks a bit too common? On the other hand the white gold, im afraid the rhodium plating on the white gold will wear off, if it is rhodium plated, or the white gold will turn yellowish after a few years?

Not sure if im too paranoid on this aspect
In your opinion do you think rose gold comes off as more feminine as opposed to white gold pave?

I’ve got another tough decision:

I’ve been thinking of getting a pair of round brilliant cut diamond studs, should i get it in

3cttw(7.5mm each)

4cttw(8mm each)

5cttw(8.5mm each)

6cttw(9mm each)

And also the setting and prongs

Martini or basket

3,4,6,8 prongs?

If i went with smaller size, im afraid i’ll have the dss (diamond shrinkage syndrome) in few years time

But if i went on with larger size, im afraid they’ll look too big on my ears, but of course some would say the bigger the better.

But then some will assume they’re just a pair of cz if they’re too big?

One more thing, i dont know if bigger diamond look on lobes will age someone slightly towards the older side? And also the drooping effect!
My lobes are average sized, not too tiny nor huge
Im confused whether i should go with more prongs or lesser prongs, martini or basket if i set the diamonds (5-6cttw onwards)
For the ear studs backings, i am leaning towards the screwbacks, i prefer screwbacks but im worried that they might not hold larger carat weight stones? Or do you have any recommendation?
Really hope i can get help with these too though!
Just for info, i plan to just wear one ring(either eternity or pave love) + diamond studs on a daily basis
Or maybe a tiffany cross pendant? Also not sure which size to get

oh and i have a friend that told me i can always get an eternity ring later, but the cartier prices are always increasing. And there are a lot of alternatives (cheaper eternity rings) out there.
Would be glad if i can get response from this


Feb 29, 2012

ive been chopping vegetables and cooking for the last hour.

just wanted to show you where my pave ring isn’t.

i would estimate the majority of us don’t wear our rings 24/7. Definitely not for skincare— no lotions, acids, retinoids, vitamins B or C etc.

just wanted to address that part of your post.

be well!


May 13, 2021
I don’t wear my rings when I’m home so I have the peace of mind that I don’t need to think about it (i.e. chasing kids, working out, cooking, etc.). I think that’s what has saved my pave engagement ring and eternity wedding band.

There’s always a risk with pave you could hit it funny on accident and the stones fall out, no matter how a well it’s made. Pave weakens the metal as compared to a solid band, especially when you have an eternity pave that’s on the palm side and has a higher chance of hitting something.

For Cartier rose gold, one of my Love bracelets is rose gold, and it’s hard for me to tell it’s pinkish - only when it’s next to yellow gold. I think that’s because it’s 18K. So white gold might be a more “expected” color for you where you know what you’re getting! I’m not sure what you mean by common, but I’ve seen loads of people have Love bracelets and rings now so it’s recognizable and could be very common to see depending on where you live.

Edit: I forgot to add that you’ll have a preference seeing how they look against your skin tone, and that might make a difference to you.

Fun problems to solve, though! Looking forward to seeing what you decide on!

P.S. The Cartier full pave Love bracelets are stunning! I always love seeing photos of PSers with them here. Also so expensive! Easy to admire!


Jan 11, 2006
Fine jewelry with diamonds generally shouldn’t be worn 24/7, as the others have said. You will definitely risk damage to pave pieces if you do. I don’t wear my rings at home unless I’m just trying them on for fun! I want to keep my jewelry in excellent condition so it looks beautiful when I wear it out somewhere!

Are you getting the Cartier Love pave ring as a stand-alone wedding band or as a band to wear with an engagement ring? I’d match the metal to the engagement ring, probably.

i bought my diamond studs at Whiteflash because they have excellent quality diamonds and a great upgrade policy. I did just upgrade to 3.2ctw, 7.5mm studs. I think that would be a nice place to start, and then later on you could get larger if you wanted. This size is really the max I’d wear on a daily basis since I wear very casual clothes most of the time. I like 4 or 6 prongs, but at two cts per stone and higher, I’d lean toward 6. I like a 4 prong Tiffany style basket setting on stones under 2 cts. I also like the Whiteflash custom crown 6 prong setting. I recommend inexpensive settings if the plan is to upgrade. I would not do screwbacks.
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