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PLEASE HELP! Elongated Radiant Diamond Advice


Mar 24, 2008
Hi everyone.

I am in desperate need of advice regarding the purchase of an elongated radiant cut diamond.
The wholesaler I am purchasing from found the stone and has presented me with quite a few options.
One been an elongated 1.3 carat stone which appears larger due to the spread.. (1.5 carat)

She has sent me the GIA certificate and I have questions many times if the stone sparkles?
She has repeatedly said the stone is cut excellent.
As my original stone was round it was easy to get information however elongated radiant is not so simple and as the stone is overseas i can not see the stone.

Attached is the certificate and a picture of the actual stone plus a ring similar to this however I don't know any Jeweler's who can give me an honest option regarding the cut and the proportion.

Does the proportion seem good? Does the stone seem shallow it is it just me not understanding the radiant cut?
Does this stone look good in certificate?

I have asked for a HD video to inspect sparkle. This will be sent soon but need to make a decision.

I am worried that the stone is cut too shallow to make the spread bigger however she is adamant it's a beautiful stone!

Please if there are is anyone who can look at the certificate and give me advise?

As I said I'm after an elongated radiant stone (almost like a emerald cut) but larger spread and lower carat weight but I really do not want to loose sparkle or fire. The stone is well in budget

Hope this makes sense!

Thanks in advance



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