Pixley are you out there?


Jan 12, 2011
Hello! So it appears we have similar taste in rings! :naughty: I have a plat solitaire with an antique cushion and I am looking at having a bezel set french cut baguette eternity band made by Victor Canera which would be similar to your SS baguette band. I would love to hear anything you have to say about your set.
I have a few questions too:
1) Do you know the mm size of the baguettes?
2) Do you have any complaints about your band or are you in love with the set?
3) Do you have any more pictures for me to see?!!! I'd LOVE to see more!! Any perspective shots would be great too!
4) What is your opinion on how the baguettes sparkle and work with the cushion?

Thank you!!


Nov 12, 2007
Hiya, :wavey:
Sorry I missed this! Have been off PS for a bit since the new format. Your stone is glorious! I think it would look beautiful with a french cut eternity band. I still love my set very much and think the two rings suit one another. I tried my solitaire next to other wedding bands but this combination looked best. The stones in my band are actually mini emerald cuts, not baguettes. Until I saw my first cushion, I loved emerald cuts, so this is the best of both worlds for me.
1. Size: approx 3.5mm x 1.5mm without the bezels
2. I still LOVE my set, although I wish my stone was an August Vintage. When I was shopping for my stone, there were no AVCs yet and no Leon cushions. Poor me!
3. I don't have more pictures, but there is a link to just the band here: [URL=''][/URL]
4. I like the way the ECs work with my cushion - they're more subtle sparkles rather that the dazzle of RBs. My cushion and the ECs rectangular and allow me to enjoy both the solitaire and the band without competition. Other rings I tried: TIffany Metro and another ring with alternating baguettes and RBs. Neither did it for me. I'm just not wild for RBs and the proportions had to be right.

If I were to change anything, I'd have made it a full eternity. I went with a 3/4 because I wasn't used to wearing rings and thought I'd be rough on them, but as it turns out, I'm not so rough and take them off as soon as I get home.

I hope you get your dream set. I'll have to check out your story about how you found that lovely stone - it's extraordinary.
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