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Jun 20, 2011
I want to create (with your help/suggestions) two pendants; the first would have pink tourmaline, some sort of garnet (so many different versions), and an aquamarine - these are their birthstones.

The second one would have a topaz, I am not fond of the yellow/orange topaz, probably green, pink or blue with some small diamonds and I don't think she is particularly fond of the yellow one either(I already have a ring I'll 'rob' the diamonds from).

Should all the stones in the first one be the same size? same cut?

These will be Christmas presents for my grand-daughter (the topaz one) and my grand-daughter in law. Both girls are rather petite so stones should not be larger than 1 ct; in addition, the first one listed may (in the future) need to have a fourth stone added.

I would like the pendants to have a classic/timeless appearance so any suggestions on where to have these made would also be appreciated. Budget for each pendant is about $200.00


Mar 24, 2007
Multi-stone pendants can be beautiful when done well, but they're probably a custom job and may run you over $200 each. I have two 3-stone pendants that I had custom-made by Daniel M ( I highly recommend him for his affordable prices, quick turn-around time, and excellent work, especially with prong-set pieces. I bought all 6 of the stones separately on Ebay. One of them has 3 of the same cut, and the other has different cuts. The first one also has movement in the hinges while the second is stationary. Decide for yourself which style you like better!

Tourmaline and purple sapphire pendant:

Chrome zoisite, opal, and tanzanite pendant:

Regarding the topaz, keep in mind that most topaz (blue, pink, "mystic" colors) is treated, and some of the treatments aren't permanent. The irradiated color of blue and pink topaz is usually permanent, but any kind of "mystic" topaz is usually created with a refractive coating on the pavilion, and that can be scratched or chipped off. Just be sure not to spend too much money on a treated topaz...they're usually not worth very much either way, and they're often sold in jewelry stores for a lot more than they're worth. Nothing against it - I think blue topaz in particular comes in gorgeous shades - but just know what you're getting, and pay a fair price.
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