Oval diamond choice


Dec 31, 2013
I am purchasing a diamond upgrade from James Allen and would like opinion on the two I've narrowed it down to- Both are lovely ovals but at different ends of the color spectrum.

The first is a .90 carat D vvs2 with excellent polish and very good symmetry. It's size is 7.46 X 5.46 X 3.32 with a LW ratio of 1.37 - $4500

The second is a 1.21 carat J vs1 with good polish and very good symmetry. It's size is 8.64 X 5.64 X 3.66 with a LW ratio of 1.53 - $4750

I currently have the .90 in my possession but am still able to exchange it.
Both are GIA certified.

One of these will be set in a simple 2mm banded bezel setting for a right hand ring.
I prefer white metal but would consider rose gold but not yellow gold.

I'd love the larger stone but am afraid it will look entirely too yellow but understand in "real life" it's not too much of a difference. Out of the two, which would be a better purchase?

Thank you all-


Jan 11, 2006
Gosh, is there not anything between D VVS and J??? I would highly recommend F-G-H VS over either of those. You can get more size by going down in color, and J is just too tinted in an oval. I wouldn't look at J, and some I's will show the tint because of the way ovals are faceted. But I wouldn't choose a .90 D VVS, either.


Dec 31, 2013
Good point, thanks! Here’s the thing- i contacted JA and showed the awesome rep these two and i could tell he wasnt a fan of the larger oval…I told him I wasn’t set on ovals that I just wanted something to face up larger…so he pointed me in a completely different direction!

A little back story- I was engaged for 3 Years (!!!) after being together since 2001- it ended up not working out and I hated seeing my E-ring just sitting in its box! JA has an awesome upgrade policy so I decided to take advantage of that. I doubt I’ll ever get married again but I do want a lovely sparkly diamond ring that’s in my budget! (Who doesn’t?!)

This is the one I chose-

I'm having my local jeweler make a bezel setting with a very thin band-

I think this is a much better option, what about you?
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