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Opinions Wanted On Potential Diamond Purchase

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Jun 10, 2003
Hi everyone,

I am seeking an opinion on the following diamond.

Shape - Round Brilliant
Size - 1.186 carats
Measurements - 6.90 x 6.92 x 4.21
Cut Grade - AGS 3
Polish - Ideal
Symmetry - Excellent
Proportions - Good
Color - F
Clarity - I1
Depth - 60.9
Table - 54
Crown Angle - 34.5
Pavillion Angle - 41

The diamond is apparently eye-clean - the inclusions are two small white feathers which are difficult to see (I haven''t seen the stone personally.) One of the inclusions would be hidden by a prong, and the other is in the region of the table and difficult to spot.

This diamond apparently has an extremely thin girdle, which may account for the "Good" rating. I was planning on having it set into a plain platinum tiffany-style setting - either 4 or 6 prong - as I understand that the setting can have an effect on the girdle. Would this be a suitable setting? Would 4 or 6 prongs make a difference in terms of protecting the girdle and keeping the stone safe?

I am really keen on this stone because a) I would like a relatively colorless diamond b) I like a smaller table/more "fire" and c) I am not too hung up on clarity, provided that the stone is very well-cut and meets my other parameters. I read a humourously succinct comment from someone on these boards to the effect of "I doubt her girlfriends are going to be bringing a 10x loupe to a party" and that pretty much sums up my feelings on the clarity issue.

Any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Jan 23, 2003
If you're happy with the I 1, and I think you will, then this couls be a nice stone. The ext thin girdle worries me a bit. Definately insure it. I suggest you to set it in a bezel setting or six prongs. These will provide maximum safety.


Feb 22, 2003
Hi Canadiangrrl!

I am with Giangi about the girdle. That thin on this size diamond in a ring where it might be subject a few knocks now and then, you definitely wanna protect it.

That said, I ran your specs thru the Cut Adviser. I think you will be very pleased!

Excellent Light Return
Very Good Fire
Very Good Scintillation
Very Good Spread

Looks like a GREAT performer!

You didn't mention a price, but I checked Price Stats also. Price Scope vendors average asking price for similar color, clarity, and carat weight diamonds is $3230. What a steal for the size and color!

On the issue of clarity,... I saw a GIA graded I1 with a larger dark inclusion positioned right under the table so it was not visible head on and only seen at jjuuusssstttt the right angle. BTW,.... I carry my 10x Loupe with me all the time so I can inspect other gals' rings!..... NOT!!! hehe

I am just a regular person like you with a little bit of experience. I suggest you have any diamond you consider purchasing professionally evaluated. Us regular folk can help with specs on paper, but the pros can really tell you if you might have any potential problems or a great diamond.


Jun 10, 2003
Thanks for your responses.

The diamond you located on Pricescope is indeed the stone I am referring to. I have been in contact with Dirt Cheap Diamonds about this stone.

I am not a fan of the bezel setting, so if we choose to go with this diamond, it will likely be set in six prong platinum. But I promise to take good care of it and not wear it when I'm boxing.

I also ran the specs through the HCA - what a terrific tool! I was very pleased with how it came up. Have also run some other stones through the HCA, and it's odd that stones that are considered "Ideal" sometimes don't fare nearly as well.

Thanks again for your help.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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