Opinions requested on diamond


Jun 22, 2011
I started looking at diamonds and I was hopping to get some opinions on a following diamond. Also, if you guys have suggestions on alternatives that would be great. I am looking for something in the ~1.25 carat range, I+, VS+, AGS0, and maybe H&A.
The diamond I am currently considering is:
Newbie questions:
1) Does it really matter to have H&A?
2) I have attached the sarin picture, I am not sure how to interpret it. Is it a good stone? I was confused by the girdle measurement, since it seems more like thin to thick. The deviation there worries me a bit.
3) Does it make sense to order the setting from the same place I am getting the stone? I was thinking of buying the diamond online and getting it set at a local jeweler.
4) Are there alternatives out there that are comparable or better for the same price range?


Jan 11, 2006
That stone is an AGS0 and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it! Looks like there is a big price jump for H color (which I prefer personally), and there aren't any slightly smaller H stones to recommend. So if she isn't picky about color and would rather have a larger diamond, I think this looks like a great choice!

WhiteFlash has beautiful settings and I would recommend that they set it if at all possible. Then they have responsibility in the unlikely event that the stone was damaged while setting and it comes to you complete and ready to insure immediately!


Dec 17, 2008
I agree with looks like a beautiful stone at a good price. I looked around but only saw lower colors/lower clarities at
the same price. Its easier to have the stone set where you buy it but if you have a setting that you like locally then thats
ok to. Just have to make sure your stone is insured during the setting in case anything happens to it (rare) .


Mar 7, 2011
I think its a great stone as well! :appl: Is there a chance that you could buy the setting locally and send it out to whiteflash and have them set the stone? Then if something were to happen to the stone it would be on whiteflash and not on you. Again its unlikely that something would happen but then again, it's a mess to correct and would postpone any propasal plans you had with the ring in hand.


Aug 14, 2009
Ditto - nice stone!

1. Whether or not branded H&A is worth the premium is largely up to personal preference. The real-world difference between high and low optical symmetry (the hearts and arrows patterns you see) is significant IMO, the real-world difference between high and very high optical symmetry and what it is worth is a hot topic of discussion

2. Girdle is fine - each description thin, thick, medium is a range, so there's med closer to thin and med closer to slightly thick. Either way it's a non-issue and nothing to worry about. Various scanners, AGS, GIA measure and report girdle differently - AGS reports all over max and min, GIA reports max in min in only the valleys, so the same stone may have a larger girdle variation on the AGS report.

3. Ditto DS - definitely get both from the same place if at all possible. You avoid the trouble, cost, and time of getting the loose stone appraised and insured for shipping and setting, avoid vendors pointing fingers at each other should something unfortunate happen, avoid outside stone setting fees...

4. Alternative pretty stones for cheaper, sure. Alternative branded stones, with equal or better policies, for the same price - possibly, possibly not. You're not going to get the deal of a lifetime from a reputable vendor with quality merchandise and generous policies, but WF is not going to rip you off either. It's a fair price for a lovely stone I think.
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