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Jul 22, 2002
Hello all,
I'm just kind of looking for a diamond but I’m not quit sure yet because I haven’t really decided if I am ready to pop the big question yet. I don't know much about diamonds. Except for the 4Cs but I know there is so much more I have to consider when shopping for a diamond. I just really would like some opinions on how this diamond will look like. Will it be shinny with a lot of fire? Are the proportions good? Will this diamond impress her? Anything that you can tell me. Thanks

cut: Round Brilliant Cut
Weight: 1.39 ct
measurements: 7.13 x 7.07 x 4.45
Depth: 62.6%
Table: 62%
Crown: 14%
Pavilion: 44%
Gridle: Medium
Finish: Very Good
Purity: Internally Flawless
Color: E


Dec 31, 1999
note your stone will even look smaller than well cut 1.39 carat diamond (it should be about 7.25mm in diameter, not 7.1mm).


Feb 8, 2001
Please read the tutorial, concentrating on the section on cut quality and how vital it is when it comes to geting a diamond which will look beautiful.

If you want a shortcut to excellent appearance, use the search by visual appearance and pick any diamond which scores 2 or less and still scores two or less when you double check with crown and pavilion angles. Vendors tend to use crown angle and pavilion percentage because that can give higher scores, so always double check with the angles.

Internally Flawless is excellent clarity. Truly superb. But. It costs a lot of money to get it and it's completely invisible to the eye. Even with a loupe and the eyes of a hawk you won't be able to tell the diffeence between IF and VS1. If you have an unlimited budget, get the best cut and D Flawless in the size you desire and you'll truly have the best of the best in everything. In the real world, most people have to compromise. Compromise on color and clarity before compromising on cut. A change from average to superb cut wont' cost more than a grade or two in color and clarity but it'll be a change which lifts the appearance from average to spectacular.

Now, some people do have a strong personal preference for D or IF or somethign else and if your intended recipient does, then that's something you need to consider. For the rest, drop the clarity down from IF to VVS1 or VVS2 and use the money you save to get the best cut there is. If you'd like a larger diamond you'll still have money left over for it after making that clarity change.


Jun 19, 2002
On 7/22/2002 11:46:31 PM
Will this diamond impress her? Anything that you can tell me. Thanks

Now thats a difficult one to answer. Isn't it? ;))

One thing for sure, she won't be able to tell if its a D or an F. Also she will not be able to tell if it is an IF or an eye-clean SI1. But she will be able to tell diff b/w 1.37 carat stone and a 2 carat stone. :))

Drop down on your specs and get a much bigger stone. Check on pricescope (cut quality):

1.37 carat D IF == 2.04 carat F VS1 ~= 24K$

1.37 is ~7.3mm dia
2.04 is ~8.3mm dia

PS I vaguely remember reading, while mounting an IF stone there will minute cracks on girdle and an IF stone becomes vvs1. (Someone corect me, if I am wrong)

Better yet, get 1.4 F VS1 ~10K or so and put down the remaining money to get her a nice porche boxster. Its summer and she would love that. :sun:
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