Opinions on this Radiant I'm Planning to Buy


Jul 29, 2011
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I've worked this place down to $2900 for the diamond plus they'll give me $775 for some loose gold that I have that I was offered only $515 and $570 for from other places. They offer $645 plus 20% on top if I buy something new from them and use the money towards the new purchase, thus the $775.

0.94/G/SI1 Radiant; 5.77x5.39x3.67- GIA Report linked above. I can't see inclusions with 10X but are certainly there with 30X. Polish is very good, symmetry is good. Diamond has very nice shine and overall look. It shows its weight well and there is nothing that I feel like I should back away from.

Just thought I would have some people take a look at the GIA and the inclusion map and see if they don't like something. I've been reading/researching/choosing for about 4 weeks now and this is the best deal I've managed to work locally. I'm a big fan of local business so shopping online is only useful as a bargaining tool to get the local guys to drop their prices for me. At $2900, it beats many if not all stones of the same quality at online vendors so I think I'm happy. Original asking price for the stone was $3999.

Only other stone I've found that I like is a 0.80 G/VS1 with excellent polish and symmetry. It does shine a tad more than this stone but the lowest price I can work with the store is $3,150. However, this store is where I'll be purchasing my setting from. The 0.94 looks a good amount larger than the 0.80 even though they have similar perimeters with the depth being the weight difference. The 0.80 also has extremely thin to thick girdle where as the 0.94 is very thin to thick.

Anyway, just wanted to see some opinions before I pulled the trigger. I'm so over the whole diamond shopping thing but I don't feel like I'm settling either. Seems like a good price for a beautiful stone.

Someone talk me out of it or show me some other options for the same price if you feel I'm making a mistake. I'm just concerned about the inclusions map showing too much for the SI1 grading.


Apr 4, 2010
do you have a picture? with fancies you can't go by the numbers. i would encourage you to look at it in different lighting, not just the jewelry store spot lighting.

also as far as the inclusion really can't tell anything about the visibility of inclusions from the plot. some SI1s have more inclusions than depends on the severity and placement of the inclusions. It sounds like you have examined it and determined that it is eye-clean to your standards
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