Opinions on these selections please


Nov 7, 2015
I have an appointment at WhiteFlash in the morning. I've asked to see the following setting and also a couple stones I've selected, plus any other they think are similar.

The Ritani Setting

The first stone WF recommended over the phone was

I asked her about this one - it seemed a good price for the quality?

In her follow up email, she sent me a few others (along with the one I asked her to look at - which is the second on this page),3565122,3588144,3569941

They have their Cut Above stones and their Expert Selection stones. Should I just look at Expert Selections so as not to pay the Cut Above Premium? I'd like to buy the setting and stone in one place if possible.

If there is an amazing WF stone you know of, or happen to run across - the setting is a little less than I thought it would be - so I have room to go a higher on the stone if there is something worthy.

Thank you all SO much for your thoughts.


Dec 17, 2008
If you are ok with J, the 1.07 would be my favorite. The 1.01 next then the first and last stone would be my third choice. Probably
take the I between the two of those just to break the tie.

I like the 1.07 the best because I like how it looks under the table (it's also the biggest which is nice).
The 1.01 looks decent under the table too but the other two look like they have a small amount of leakage.
(these are all well cut stones so the above comments sort of fall in to over analyzing, but you are trying to pick between the 4 so
I guess any input is worthwhile 8) )

If J is too low on the color scale for you then of course the 'I' would be your best bet...
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