Opinions on idealscope for a stone?


Jul 27, 2011
Hi everyone,
I am looking for some final advice on another post I made some weeks back.
Based on the 3 stones I posted, I think the 1.5 si1 looks the best .

Can I please get your final thoughts on this stone? Final price Is $17100? Your thoughts on the specs and quality of stone for the price would be greatly appreciated as I am so confused!! The specs and cert are attached on a previous post- please let me know if I need to reattach.

I will have to purchase the stone sight unseen but the seller has a full refund policy that I comfortable with.

I have no idealscope images. Should I request this? The seller said based on the triple ex gia cert, sparkle and brilliance will not be an issue? He says viewing the diamond in person is better than an idealscope image? Is that right? I am concerned I don't what good sparkle and brilliance is in real life as I dont know what to look for? should I demand it? Your thoughts please?

Is there anything else I should be considering or asking for?

Also, can anyone recommend a good Melbourne Australia independent invaluator who can independently assess the stone?

Desperately seeking help!!
Thanks again!!!
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