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Nov 24, 2002
I would like to have some input and advise about a ring I am considering purchasing. I am trying to determine if I would be paying a fair price for it. This is from a mall chain store and the reason I am considering the purchase is they are offering a trade on the ring I previously purchased. I want to be sure that the price isn't inflated too much just to cover the price of my trade but I understand that I will be paying a higher price than what I could get with in Internet purchase.

The original ring was purchased in 1987 for $2400. I originally selected a Marquise .70 G SI2 ring that was $3995 along with a ring guard, which was $699. The price for this ring was $2000 for the Marquise and $350 for the ring guard giving me a 50% discount or the equivalent of $2350 for my trade. My trade was a .50 Marquise with another .50 of smaller channel set diamonds.

Now I am looking at a Marquise .86 color D SI2 and I have the certificate (from ABI Gemological Laboratory - is this a good one?)

Weight 0.860 Ct
Width 4.73 Length 8.89 L/W 1.88
Crown Angle 35.9
Crown Height 16.5%
Pavil Angle 44.5
Pavil Depth 47.5
Table Size 55.6%
Total Depth 72.8%
Clarity S12
Color D
Fluorescence None

This diamond is priced at $6300 (vs. 3995 for the .70 caret) but they are still giving 50% off it, which either makes the price difference $1250 or increases the total for my trade-in to $3600. In any case the bottom line I am paying for this ring is $350 for the ring guard plus $3250 for the solitaire plus the trade of my ring that I originally paid $2400 for.

My questions are:

1. Is this diamond a good value and am I paying a fair price for it? It seemed to me to be quite a jump in price from $3995 to $6300 but I don't totally understand how much the price changes for going from H color to D color and slightly larger .70 to .86.

2. Should I have them get in a couple more stones to look at? Maybe some that are a little better clarity?

3. Would I be better off going to a non-mall type jeweler and keeping my old ring?

When I look at some of the prices on-line I feel like I should be able to get this ring for close to the same price I am paying WITHOUT trading in my old ring but I am not that sure as to what I am actually looking at (i.e. whether I am actually comparing apples to apples). I don't mind paying extra to be able to actually see the diamond before purchasing and having a jeweler to go back to if I have problems but I don't want to get ripped off either. (This jeweler was been pretty good to me .... I just took in a 3 ct diamond tennis bracelet that I bought a couple of years ago that has broken twice since I had a link put back in and they fixed it plus they are ordering me in a brand new one.)

Thanks so much for your help and advise.



Nov 3, 2002
couple things...before EVEN getting into any mathematics...

1. the gem lab cert ABI Gemological Laboratory is not going to get you much of anything. If it isn't GIA, AGS or (maybe) EGL-USA, then it is just a piece of paper used as a selling tool.

2.if you are going to get a "D" color stone, you might as well get an internally flawless one too. There is a HUGE jump to get to that D. If money is of any concern, or you question the color, go for G or at highest F. Unless there is a meaningful reason for going D, then it is just an extra expense.

3. they are still giving 50% off

4. They may fix the bracelet, but why did it break in the first place?

5. Would I be better off going to a non-mall type jeweler and keeping my old ring?
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