oops. i forgot.

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Jan 28, 2008
In all my planning, I''ve forgotten to do something about place cards (escort cards, really) and table numbers. I opted not to get the place cards that would match my invitations, because letterpress place cards seemed like overkill. Should I just DIY them? Hand write them? Computer print them?

When you go to weddings, do you pay attention to cutesy place cards (you know: cards stuck in corks; apples with names on them; place cards trees, etc.)? Do they make a big difference in your experience? I kind of love them, but I''m also feeling kind of lazy and without creative ideas...

What about table numbers? I''ve only ever been to weddings with very basic table numbers in a frame or some other basic holder. Should I just print out some numbers? Is this something my florist might help with?

What are you doing? (Or, what did you do?)

Thanks in advance, brides!


Sep 14, 2008
Honestly, I don''t actually recall having place cards at any wedding I''ve been to (they may have been there, but its such a little detail I just don''t remember). I do remember that a few large weddings had a seating chart listing which table each guest was assigned to. Often the person handling the guestbook helped guide guests to the appropriate table. Each table did have a name or number to refer to at the larger weddings.

I will probably do simple place cards - they''re cheap and won''t require a lot of preparation beforehand. I''m also having a pretty small wedding (max. 65 people) and don''t want to delegate someone with the task of assisting guests with seating.


Apr 1, 2008
Personally I LOVE diy-ing so I would definitely make them. And I really love to make things cutesy so I would spend forever trying to put my own unique touch on them. If you have the time and think you''d enjoy it, then I say make the place cards and table numbers!

I haven''t been to a wedding where the place cards were "cute" but if I ever did, I''d certainly remember it. I want people to notice and appreciate all the little handmade details I put into my wedding, and remember them!

My wedding is going to be in June and we''re having a garden theme, so my current idea for place cards/favors is to get little terracotta pots and plant a single flower in them, and then place a stake in the soil in the pot with a tag on it with each guests name (if that makes any sense). What is your wedding theme? Colors?
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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