Online engagement rings??

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Feb 18, 2003
Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I want to know if you recommend internet sites to buy a ring? We''ve looked at Blue nile, Mondera, and several others, but are still weary of buying without being able to look at it first! We just would like to know reputable sites, and also your recommendations on where to start looking for diamonds (big jewelry store, family jewelry store, internet, diamond exchanges??). Thanks a lot!



Dec 11, 2002
Buying a diamond or engagement ring is a very costly purchase, but that cost can be drastically reduced if you shop online. Some people say that shopping online for diamonds is nto a smart thing to do because you can't see them first, but with most online sites, you get a full money back gaurantee if you don't like your diamond or ring within the inspection period which typically lasts 10 to 30 days depending where you buy.

I bought my fiance's diamond and ring online and she loves it. Because I was buying online, I knew I could find a better quality diamond for my money than if I went to a local jeweler. I was not worried at all about purchasing online because the diamond dealer I went through online had a great return policy and other great features that helped me to feel secure about making such a big purchase online. If you don't know where to get started, I suggest you try They have great diamonds and also a selection of settings to choose from. If you buy a diamond from them, they have the diamond shipped to them for inspeciton before they send it along to you. They make sure the diamond matches the certificate so you don't get scammed by someone who might switch certificates on you. They also provide a free appraisal that accompanies your diamond or setting. I had a great experience with them. I would also recommend, I have heard good things about them as well. Hope you have as good of an experience as I did!


Dec 12, 2000
Hello Alicia;

I am supprised you have not received any answers to your question.
If you will go to the vendors section at the top of the page you will see more than a few internet vendors. Check out what customers have to say about them. Also go the the pricescope section and find the diamond or diamonds you feel confortable with. Work with someone that has one price without any add on costs. Also make sure that you can return the ring if you are not happy with it.
Talk with several people and get confortable with the process. Know about what you want shape, size, color, clarity, Hearts and Arrows, AGS, GIA, price range.
Someone called yesterday and wanted a 2 carat G VVS1 for $3200.00 (You also need to be reasonable!)
If you feel pressured, hang up.
Have fun and you can get whatever you want within reason.
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