Old Diamond v. New one

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Jan 5, 2003
I have been doing alot of research to try to find the best diamond to buy for my girl. Just recently her grandfather offered us her great-great grandmothers diamond to use, easily 150 years old. It is a good sized stone in good condition and looks pretty nice. He says that it is an "old style" cut. It might just be that it needs a good cleaning but I have to say the new diamonds that I have seen recently seem to sparkle a ton more and just glow when looking at them.

So here is the real question...
Do they now cut diamonds differently to get more "sparkle" out of them or is this old diamond just cut poorly?

The next question is...
Is there a way to recut or spice up this old one to make it look as beautiful as the new ones I have seen?

And one more..
What does everyone think of Blue Nile? Is it worth getting stones from them?

The old diamond is easily 1 carat and the ones I have been looking at are .75 carat F color and VS1 clairity.

Thanks so much


Aug 15, 2000
Yes, you can possibly recut the diamond.

But you need to ascertain why this diamond looks dull. It could be cleaning is needed, or it could be cut in a way that maximized weight retention from the original rough diamond.

Yes, diamonds are cut currently to be more lively, as technology has taught us a lot in recent years.

Chances are this stone could be recut to improve it refraction qualities a lot.

But not ALL diamonds can be recut. The stone must be looked and by an expert to determine/estimate the carat weight, clarity and color after the recutting.

In addition internal strain characteristics and some types of inclusions make the cutting process risky, and no cutter will guarantee that new inclusions may appear or in the worst situation the stone shatters or explodes during the cutting process.

A major concern for this is of course you acquisition cost. All this needs to be studied carefully the completely before making a decision to work on the diamond.

Hope this helps.


Sierra Nevada

Sep 17, 2002
Old cut diamonds aren't as showy, sparkly as the modern brilliant cut - but they have a unique charm of their own. The glow is softer, the sparkle is chunkier, and they are fiery in low light situations. They look great by candlelight. I would never recut my old cushion cut diamond, these stones are collectable and beautiful just as they are. I would buy a new stone if you want more fizzle, and keep the old stone as an heirloom.
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