NY or London or ??? ring shopping itinerary advice

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Jan 2, 2007

I need some advice please. My fiancée absolutely hates shopping and does not trust buying things over the internet. Also, he does not really understand why I want a diamond ring even though he is ok with the concept of getting me one. We are located in London. Last Christmas we went looking around Hatton Garden for a ring, but neither of us really had much idea of what we were looking at and were far from being in a position to buy. I have done some research since then, but he isn’t interested in doing any (such as reading this site). This Christmas we went to Tiffanys in London and he said he liked the rings and stones there better than any we had seen at Hatton Garden. I am looking for a round approx 1.25 carot with cut/sparkle being the most important. Budget is about £10,000 and we did see some in that approximate range at Tiffanys and he liked them.

However, I am still convinced that we can get a better deal elsewhere, I have tossed out the idea of going to New York to look (and save the 17.5% VAT at least). However, this will be potentially expensive and time consuming, and I was hoping to save my vacation time for the wedding, etc.

So the advice I am looking for is this: if we were to go to New York sometime around February, how would we go about looking, keeping in mind the very short attention span for shopping? Where would we go and how would we know what we are getting? I would think we would only have about 3 days, and probably a maximum of 2-3 hours per day if I really tortured him. Or if there is an alternative to New York (Antwerp?) that is closer and would be better, please advise (and same questions above apply).

If anyone has done this before and/or can suggest something, that would be helpful. Thanks!!!


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Jul 6, 2004
I might suggest you try GOG, just outside of NY on Long Island.

You could also review under my signature for strategies, or just go there, preparing in advance by reviewing their website for options, making an appointment, etc.

Though not sure the extent going to NY will represent a total savings, if either also going for a vacation, buying large, or both, this will probably work well.

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(edited to add...)...since I think each pound will get you about 2 US...although this one will leave a lot of $ on the table, it will give you options to upgrade (color, clarity or size), save $ for something else, or party down in the city.

....or...modify specs slightly, leave less $ on the table...


Nov 29, 2006
You can get or have made just about anything on your doorstep,why waste time and money travelling?
Take a look in Bond st,and spend abit more time in Hatton garden without the other half until you have some idea.

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Aug 3, 2006
Antwerp is nearer (and cheaper to get to) than NY if you want to buy a nice rock!


Jan 11, 2006
I would highly recommend Good Old Gold in NY. However, I did buy a stone from them online without seeing it first. It was gorgeous and of excellent quality. I am sure you could find a diamond there. If he knows you are coming (you should make an appointment), then he can get some stones in for you to look at if necessary.

Some examples:
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