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Discussion in 'RockyTalky' started by sdege, Feb 19, 2002.

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  1. sdege

    Jan 30, 2002
    by sdege » Feb 19, 2002
    I found a 1.01 ct round diamond with the following specs: E color, VS1, no fluorenscence, depth 60%, and table 63%. The price on the diamond was 6200 plus tax. The only thing I am not sure on is the cut. From everything I have read this does not fall in the range for ideal or premium and cut is the most important factor. How does the cut of this diamond sound and also how is the price?

    Thanks very much.


  2. pricescope

    Dec 31, 1999
    by pricescope » Feb 19, 2002
    ). If crown and pavilion angles are not known, you can request your vendor to run the diamond on Sarin or Ogi machine for you.

    to check the diamond yourself.

    To evaluate the price you should also tell us girdle, polish, symmetry, culet and whether the diamond has been graded by any gem lab. Then you can run a search from the front page to compare prices for similar diamonds.[/u][/u][/u]
  3. buttercup

    Feb 19, 2002
    by buttercup » Feb 23, 2002
    some advice: go right under 1ct with an excellent cut, and you'll have a diamond that looks way better than that one.
    unless you're a total diamond purist, no reason to go so high on clarity, as long as it's invisible to the eye, who cares?
    some suggestions in your price range (remember no tax if you buy online):
    All these are sure to be prettier. check out the brilliancescope analyses!
    .92 F VS2 SuperbCert 6.33-6.35mm $5900
    1.00 G SI1 SuperbCert 6.44-6.48mm $5478
    1.01 F SI1 Superbcert 6.44-6.47mm $6613

    If you don't feel like spending the money to get the "SuperbCert" name, try they'll find you an unbranded, high performing H&A.
    Why spend $6200+ on something that's very nice, when you have enough money to buy something incredible!
    Most of their good stuff isn't on their website, but here's a couple that were:
    AGS RD 1.02 F VS2 6.41 IDEAL H&A 62.50 56 NN IDEAL IDEAL 6667.92
    AGS RD 1.01 F VS2 6.48 IDEAL H&A 61.50 54 NN IDEAL IDEAL 6835.5
    Good luck!
  4. Garry H (Cut Nut)

    Aug 15, 2000
    by Garry H (Cut Nut) » Feb 23, 2002
    The problem with the 63% is that very very few crown and pavilion combinations work well with that big table size. They do exist but it is a very small range.

    If you can get the angles run them on HCA or post them here and we will do it for you.

    An ideal-scope works very well in this situation too.


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