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Nitty Gritty on Princess Cut?

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Learning Diamonds

Feb 12, 2003
Could someone please advise me on the nitty gritty cut qualities of a Princess?
*I am a novice, but learning a great deal, so info could be at any range of levels...

I am seeking a Princess, in the range of .9 to 1.25 (most likely hovering right around a .98 or so) with H - E, and SI1 to VS1. I realize that there is no "ideal" cut dimensions for a princess (am I right?) and I have even seen people state that there have been stones with seemingly identical table, and Depth. Other than a 1:1 ratio Table (making it square) what dimensions, and or bench marks should I avoid or consider..
My price range for the stone will vary from 3400 to 4200... One source I have been looking at told me to look for stones that fall between 70% -80% on both T and D. Is this misleading or correct information? what other factors in trying to find a quality cut would be necessary (in terms of measurements/ dimensions/ proportions - or is it this simple??)

I realize that you must see questions such as mine all the time, but thank you in advance for any help and expert advice!

(By the way, I spend alot of time on College Basketball message boards, and by far, this is the best format I have seen - not to mention, the professional insight found here is unsurpassed! )


Mar 21, 2001

Numbers alone are not necessarily predictive
when it comes to Princess Cuts.

More accurate of a diamonds performance are measurements
of light output and light
leakage as measured by the BrillianceScope (
and the ImageScope.

Here is a sample from our website:



Feb 6, 2003

I've been looking for Princess diamonds, too, and the only useful chart that I've seen so far is the following:

As many have probably told you, I don't think there is a truly established set of criteria for fancy cuts as there is for rounds, so I can't qualify how correct or incorrect this chart is-- maybe you'll find it useful.
(Personally, I have a Class 1A on hold, but I still need the Sarin to verify numbers... and of course most importantly, regardless of what the numbers are, nothing beats actually looking at the stone!)

Hope you find the right diamond!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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