Newbie with $24k to spend on diamond for engagement ring


May 19, 2011
Newbie here with a lot of questions,

I have about $24k to spend on a diamond for an engagement ring. I've been trying to learn as much as I can from online resources, and I think my preferred seller would be WF. What I'm looking for is something around 1.8-1.9 carat, round, G-H color, VS1-VS2 clarity, and because of the glowing reviews, a Whiteflash ACA cut. Does this sound reasonable? I noticed on the Whiteflash web site that there aren't any Whiteflash ACA diamonds in the 1.8-2.0 carat range.

I have seen something similar to the above in a Blue Nile Signature. If they have what I want, and Whiteflash doesn't, is there any strong reason not to buy from them?

My fiance has said she would like this setting: Is it best to buy the diamond loose, and then find a local retailer who can get this setting and mount the stone in it?



Apr 4, 2010
yes you can go with a local retailer to set the stone or purchase the diamond through a Ritani authorized dealer.

If you go with a local retailer, you would need to get insurance in place during the setting process.

Blue Nile does not provide images/idealscope images/hearts images which is why we generally recommend other vendors. But they do have a good return policy, so you could always order a diamond and get it checked out with an appraiser.

this one looks promising

ETA here is another option (request idealscope image from James Allen)


Jan 23, 2008
Welcome and congrats on your upcoming engagement! WF is a great company and that setting is BEAUTIFUL! If the name brand isn't something she needs WF can custom make something like that for you. If not I'd find a vendor that carries them and use them (just because I'm not a fan of a lot of local jewlers and they haven't done great work, but some do have great local benches that they use, so it's really case by case). carries that line and they also have amazing photos and great stones too (and the setting that you linked the faceting in the stone appears more flower like to me than arrow like of a H&A aka ACA so you may want to check out the ideal cut Aug. vintage rounds cut by GOG too)

Here is a stone (should be eye clean but it is SI1 and the inclusions are in the corner. I've personally owned 2 eye clean SI stones and they were both bought from GOG and my eye clean definition is you can't see ANYTHING from any angle upon close my nose is touching lol)

I actually just checked to see if they had any AVR in stock with the specs and theres nothing right now. But here is a link to one so you can see the difference in the cut I'm referring to
But no matter what route you go it's going to be a stunner! :appl:

Also here is a link to some of GOG videos (this one compares a Hearts and arrows diamond similar to the the WF ACA and the AVR


Apr 4, 2010
farmer gal|1305841339|2925987 said:
THis is an SI 1 but it looks clean, if you go with an SI 1 I would make sure it's eyelclean, I would also request asset images :appl:

Light Return Excellent
Fire Excellent
Scintillation Excellent
or diameter for weight Very Good
Total Visual Performance 0.9 - Excellent
within TIC range

I think JA only provides idealscope for rounds and ASET for fancies.
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