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Newbie Saying Hello!


Sep 25, 2011
Hello all! :wavey:

I am new to posting here but have been reading PS for a while. An engagement is hopefully coming soon for me and after perusing PS and trying on rings my taste has changed completely!

My favorite shapes are vintage style cushions, especially the ones at Good Old Gold. SO and I have gone to try on settings and I have never liked any in real life, but I adore Leon Mege's work, from what I have seen here. I prefer a delicate setting with some pave, but no halo.

So far, I enjoy reading Ladies in Waiting, Show Me The Bling! and RockyTalky. This site has given me a newfound interest in diamonds that I may even want to explore as a future career option.

Thanks for all the great posts I have read so far! I look forward to contributing!
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    What is Diamond Color?
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    Good Customer Service Goes a Long Way

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