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Jun 9, 2003
This is my first post to the forum. I am helping my boyfriend shop for my diamond. We''ve been doing research, reading the posts here and visitng jewelry stores. It looks like we''ll be getting a diamond online.
Unfortunately, most of the diamonds I''m seeing have only GIA certs, which makes it really hard to know anything about them. I am looking for a diamond .9+ with a emphasis on cut. I have really long fingers and small diamonds look really small on my hand, so I was hoping to get over a carat, but we need to stay under $4000.

I have found a site with a 30 day refund policy that has a diamond that seems to be a really good deal.
Shape: Round
Color: I
Depth: 61.7
Table: 57
Girdle: Medium to Thick
Price: $3,819

They have it listed as an ideal cut because the depth and table fall within that range.
Should I even consider it without more information such as the crown and pavillion angles? Would I be better to order it, have it appraised and then send it back if I don''t like it or have them send it to AGS and pay to get a cert and inscription (which we want anyway) and then not get it if they AGS cert isn''t good.

One last question. I have been looking everywhere for a particular setting and have only been able to find it at a jeweler that I wasn''t comfortable dealing with. It is in platinum with 4 four prong center. The 6 side stones are smaller and all the same size. They are set low to the band with a diagonal stip of platinum running between each diamond. I really like how you can see each diamond in this setting. I''ve been looking all over for it, but could only find it at that one store. Any suggestions?



Mar 31, 2003
What's the clarity? Everything else looks good and a really cheap price. I've read that GIA does produce SARIN results for the diamonds they grade. They just don't list it on the cert. You should be able to ask the vendor to request this information from GIA. GIA will only release the information to the owner of the diamond. If you can get all this information, then you don't need an AGS cert and you can get an inscription done yourself. Some vendors or appraisers can do this for you for a small fee. Remember, diamonds are rare, but not that rare. So if this one doesn't do it, there are plenty more Round Brilliants out there. Not sure about the setting question, I'm having a hard time visualizing your description.


Jun 9, 2003
Thanks homer_j

The clarity is VS2. Sorry about that.

So you think that they can get more info from GIA? Now that I've been playing with the Cut Adviser here, it is killing me not to have crown and pavillion angles for the diamonds I'm looking at.

Here is a link to a ring that looks kind of like the one I'm looking for:
But the setting I like had MUCH less metal, so that the diamonds really stood out and weren't so overwhelmed. It had those diagonal strips of metal (in my case platinum) in between each diamond, but they were thin and the whole ring had a more delicate look to it. Hopefully the pic will make it a little easier to picture what I'm trying to describe.


Feb 22, 2003
Hi Lori!

The vendor should be able to get Sarin info for you with just a phone call. You can add that info by editing your original post for better opinions.

You can try crunching the Cut Adviser using the %'s. It is not as accurate, but it will help you "weed" somewhat. From my experience, using %'s in the Cut Adviser gives you a score that is about half the true value. So, if your %'s yield a score of 0.6, then the Sarin angles will probably give you an answer somewhere in the range of 1.2, give or take a tenth or two.

Be sure and check return/refund policies and look for lifetime upgrades as well. All of the PS vendors are very reputable so no "Net Shopping" worries here!

FYI.... I am a regular person, not a pro. Definitely consider getting expert advise on any diamond you consider. Lots of us regular folk can help you with specs on paper. The Pro's can tell you if a diamond is truly a great performer.
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