Newbie in need of guidance


May 15, 2011
Hi all this is my first post on PS. I have been doing some research on wedding bands and am often referred to this site and it's been great (and also overwhelming) looking at all the choices for rings. So many beautiful rings!

I have a beautiful princess cut solitaire engagement ring that is just over a carat, with a simple white gold band (no diamonds). I thought a princess cut eternity band would be a great match, so that's the direction we went in. I could not find any jewelers that had these to try on, since most have to be custom ordered.

I originally wanted a u-setting for the princess eternity but was told the shared prong would be a safer setting. I do like the u prong better because there is less metal on the sides and you can see more of the diamonds from the sides. The ring came in and it is a shared prong princess eternity that is just over 3 carats with 20 stones at 17 point each (I am a size 4.75). I tried it on and it is beautiful but my first thought was that it may be too big! I think it may overpower my e-ring (I would like to wear both together). My fiance thought the same thing. My other thought is that a u prong may have looked better. There is also a gap between the eternity and my e-ring but I was told this is common. We only stopped in for a minute to see the ring, we aren't picking it up until his is also ready. Also the salesperson who helped us pick it out wasn't there and we want to talk with her about the ring before we make any decisions about changes.

I apologize I don't have any pictures to post since I know that would be more helpful than just a description. I cannot find any pictures on line of a 1 ct princess solitaire with a princess eternity with over 17 pointers. Does anyone have this or a similar combination that you could post? I wanted to ask for opinions on the look of this combination in terms of balance and also get your thoughts about doing a u setting with a princess eternity.

Thanks in advance for your help


Jan 11, 2006
I will say that after comparing round eternities to round e-rings, I prefer under 10 pointers for an eternity band to go with a 1.0-1.5 carat stone. A band with 17 pointers is a beautiful stand-alone size, in my opinion.
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