new wedding band - fantastic customer service so far


Apr 9, 2007
Hi all, I'm not sure if anyone here has ever ordered online from a place called Gold & Gems, but I wanted to praise them for their outstanding customer service.

I wanted a wedding band to wear when I don't want to wear my diamond eternity wedding band and e-ring (to the pool, the beach, the gym, traveling, etc.). I decided to order a plain, 3 mm palladium band. I've never owned palladium before but I know it doesn't have to be rhodium plated and is a white metal, so it will match nicely with my platinum e-ring if I want to wear them together.

I found a band by Artcarved and knew they had a good reputation, so I called Gold & Gems to inquire about whether they had my size in stock. They called me back immediately and had my size in their store! (Amazing since most places told me they'd have to order a size 5 and have it made at Artcarved and it would take 10 days to 2 weeks.) I asked if they could ship it out today and they said they could - they even engraved my wedding date on it for free and have already put it in the mail to me - on 2nd day UPS! (Ground shipping was free, but I paid extra to have it mailed 2nd day.)

Granted, I haven't received it yet, but so far, they have really impressed me with their friendly, prompt customer service. I'll be sure to post pictures when it arrives!


Feb 27, 2007
Glad to hear you had a good experience with them. I am looking forward to seeing your ring.
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