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Feb 11, 2016
Hi Gang, rather than lurking around i thought i would join up and after a lot of thread searching i'm still not the wiser for it all. Basically i have been searching for a 1.5 to 2.2 carat ruby for an engagement ring. In Australia i haven't been able to view too many different colored rubies. So going onto to the wider internet i have been looking: now i am interested in this stone: and the good people of starruby are willing to do a good price for me. However i am concerned about buying from India and the potential returns process if the stone doesn't live up to expectation. Has anyone bought from India successfully in general?




Apr 22, 2004
The photography looks to be enhanced to show a bright stone whereas the video and description of the ruby shows a dark toned ruby. The colour is also not saturated, hence the lower price. Can you please post pictures of an example colour/ruby you are looking for? A high quality 1 ct untreated ruby could cost as much as $10K.


These are not as high quality as the above, hence more budget friendly. I picked only the rounds because it seems you are looking for round shapes only.


Hi, Alby. :wavey: Unfortunately I can't add anything about ordering from India (as I never have), but I'd urge you to also look at what Robert has. I believe he also has stuff that's not listed online. He's a wonderful resource.


Nov 24, 2015
Hey mate - I'm in the diamond business, but I buy out of India all the time without too much trouble. In between buying trips, if I'm looking for a particular stone, I have a guy over there that I can get to do a bit of running around for me if I find something I like, just to eyeball it for me...and I still do this with suppliers that I've been dealing with for years - what you think you're going to get, and what they think you're going to get doesn't always marry up. I would image it would be even more of a concern with coloured gems. So, the problem for you is that you don't know these people, you don't know anyone that has dealt them, you don't have any trading history with them, and you don't have anyone to check the stone for you...
I'm certainly not generalising, but there are a lot of dodgy gem dealers out there in the big bad world.
My suggestion would be, if you can't find something locally straight off the shelf, maybe find a local vendor you'd be comfortable with (maybe one that other PS members will recommend - I can't recommend anyone as it's against forum rules), and get them to do the sourcing for you. You might have to eat a bit more in cost for the service, but it would eliminate allot of the unknowns for you, and they'd also likely have a deeper reach into the market than you could ever have to get you exactly what you're looking for.
I can't speak about this particular overseas vendor specifically, however If you do proceed, use caution.
Also, keep in mind things like the exchange rate/import duties/country of origin issues/gst/etc. - - you don't want to have any surprise calls from customs when the stone arrives at the border. ;-)
Hope this helps.
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