New User - Please help me pick out my Diamond!


Nov 25, 2015

First off, thank you for this great community and all the service and advice you provide.

Here is the setting I have picked out:

What I am looking for in a stone:

Round Cut
Cut - Excellent / Ideal
Color: I or better
Clarity: SI1-2

Having a hard time narrowing down my choice. Basically trying to maximize size for an eye clean stone with great light performance. After the setting I have approximately $5,500 USD to spend on the diamond.

My hope is to get a few suggestions from here and work from there.

I appreciate your time and attention to my request.

Thank you,



Jan 11, 2006
I love the setting you chose! I am finding it hard to find good diamonds in your budget range with those specs. I don't look at SI2 because I think for an engagement ring, it is important to get a clean,good quality diamond, not to mention, when ordering online, it is safer to stick with SI1 and higher.

My first choice is listed first, and it was the only stone close to having great numbers, nice visually, and eyeclean aside from the one below. I strongly recommend having both of these stones put on hold immediately and requesting ASET images for them (because lurkers do use stone recommendations all the time). I think they are both fairly safe stones to buy, but I prefer the first one because I think the color is slightly better and the angles are as good as it gets. They would appear to be virtually the same size.

Here is a nice one but it may be a lower I color.

(I didn't see telephone's links until I posted, but with all due respect, none of those JA stones would be worth investigating due to the poor clarity, in my opinion. In one or two of them, I think light return/brilliance would be affected negatively by the inclusions.)
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