New user! Opinions on a Bluenile RB stone.


Oct 12, 2015
Hi All,

Any opinions on the following stone would be unbelievably appreciated :)

Color: F
Clarity: VVS2
Carat: 1.7
Pol/Sym/Cut: Ex/Ex/Ex
Table: 59.1%
Depth: 57%
Crown angle: 32.5
Pavilion angle: 40.8
Fluorescence: Faint
Girdle: thin
Cutlet: none
HCA: 0.8 (Excellent on all four factors)
Price: AU $25,456 (or US $18,739)

When comparing this stone to others on WF, GOG etc I feel as though it is very underpriced... I asked a local jeweler whether he could access this stone himself and he said he could but would not recommend it because it has a thin girdle.

Otherwise does anyone else have any other recommendations? My budget for the stone is AU $30,000.

Trying to find the perfect stone is so frustrating/tiring :wall:


Aug 8, 2005
I wouldn't buy it for a ring stone. It's shallow and has a shallow crown. Plus for a round, it has a larger table. Yes, the numbers work together, potentially-- which is what the HCA tells you. But.... I'd buy it for a pendant or earrings, but not for a ring. The 60 table, coupled with a 59 or 60 depth, and a crown height of 33.5 or greater-- okay. The shallow crown... maybe on a different stone (but probably not that shallow). But all together, that's why the stone is priced as it is.

[URL=''][/URL] This may help you understand my response. This too:

If you want to save money drop the F VVS. Especially the VVS. Unless there is a cultural reason for high color and clarity you will be MUCH better off with an eyeclean G VS2. You will save money, be able to get a better cut. Which is more important for the diamond's appearance. And you'll see no visual difference between a G Vs2 and an F VVS when set and on the hand.

For an eyeclean Vs2 stick to Blue Nile Signature cuts. They are guaranteed eyeclean. And then you run them through the HCA. Try to stick to depths 59.5-62.4. Tables 60 and under. Crown heights over 34 (33.5 if the other numbers are good and all work together, especially if the stone is a 60/60).

Do some more research too. There is a wealth of information here. And you are spending 30k. That's a lot of money. Make sure your ducks are all in a row before you jump on something that's too good to be true.


Oct 12, 2015
Thanks for the prompt response and advice Gypsy. It is mostly due to cultural reasons (mums :wall: ) that I'm trying to stay above an F in colour but I'm happy to go down to a VS2 or VS1 clarity.

Would you (or anyone else) happen to have any recommendations for stones under US $20,000 with:

Colour: F
Clarity: VS2 or greater
Carat: 1.6 or greater
Pol/Sym/Cut: Ex/Ex/Ex
Fluorescence: None/Faint/Medium

I did find this one at WF but it is a little bit out of my budget and it has a slightly larger depth of 62.7


Jul 8, 2015
Amazing stones! It's beautiful
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