New, and I'll probably be around a while

Mar 6, 2018
Hello ladies <3

My SO and I will be hitting 3 years in a few months, finishing our professional programs and starting our careers, and moving in together. We've had the commitment talks, and while it seems promising, a ring probably won't happen until at least next fall. I come here to daydream about the future, though, and it's always lovely reading through all the threads. I've been passed down an heirloom diamond (is it an heirloom if it's from a necklace?) and after discovering pricescope, am becoming so eager to have it put in a custom setting.

My mom says she thiiinks it's a RB 2.0-2.10 carat, VS1, F/G, Ideal cut, but that she's been sitting on it so long that she can't remember and doesn't know where the cert is. Mind you, the lights in the room I took the photo in make everything look extremely yellow, even when I tried to fiddle with the cast of the photo. I'm thinking platinum split claw prongs set on sort of a deeper colored 18k yellow gold (if I can find it/convey what I'm thinking of- something that looks old without having a dramatic tarnishing treatment of any variety) with a delicate tapered band (Inspo: set with just a few smaller stones.

I'm hoping that since I'll be contributing the center stone (primary expense), my BF would be okay with indulging my desire to have my ering be part of a stacking set with CvB's afterglow stack. I'm kind of hoping I can pull together an aesthetic that reminds me of Greek mythological stories. I know that this will all by a while coming, but I'm hoping if I can word vomit my daydreams here I'll be able to keep my composure together until it's time.

IMG_2190.jpeg Afterglow stacking bands.PNG


Feb 18, 2016

Lucky you to have an heirloom diamond! It might be worth sending out for a new GIA certificate at some point before resetting, to help know how best to insure, etc. There are a number of CvB fans on Pricescope, although there isn't much traffic on this particular forum. Rocky Talky is also a fine spot for daydreaming about hypothetical settings, etc :)


Dec 19, 2014
@Loveletter_to_Algaea welcome! What a stunning and large heirloom diamond you have! Depending on your ring size, the diamond appears even larger to me than 2ct. I hope that you don’t have to wait till next fall to wear it!

I second the idea to have it sent to GIA. The stone is most likely not an ideal cut as that is a fairly new concept, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a beautiful diamond and/or a well-cut one. Please make sure to have the diamond appraised and insured prior to shipping it to GIA.

I love the simple yet unique setting that you have chosen. The price on that ring seems a bit overpriced, but CvB or another PS recommended designed (DK, Victor Canera, SK, EW, etc.) should be able to create a similar setting at an even better price point. I actually have a ring by CvB and she is certainly a very talented designer. The only thing to keep in mind when working with her or another designer is the completion time for a custom project which sometimes, especially around holidays, can be rather long.
Mar 6, 2018
Thank you both so much for the welcome! I'm definitely open to wearing it earlier, but I somehow doubt it's happening before next fall.

My ring size is 2.75 or 3.0, so stones tend to look a little exaggerated on my hand. I've had a chance to take the stone into a different lighting, and I'm realizing the color is definitely a bit warmer than I initially thought, so I'm eager to send it to GIA to check. I just feel like I should wait until it feels like I'm going to use it for anything any time soon. :twirl:


Nov 27, 2009
I also just want to say welcome!! And also to tell you what a beautiful stone you have! How lucky!! I'll be excited to see how you have it set later on!!
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